Women’s Outerwear Trends for Fall 2016

Fall is here and we’ve got the latest trends for outwear this season to make you look and feel great!

Color: Burnt Orange

Otherwise known as ‘Pumpkin Spice’ (obviously), this color always has its moment at this time of year, but this year it’s more than just a little pop of something. This year’s trend is to take a feature color and make it the dominant one in your wardrobe, and your coat is a great place to pull this off. Wear with navy for a great complement to your staples, or with reds and yellows to brighten up this typically neutral-heavy season.


Style: Shearling Jackets

These just look warm. They’ve been in style for forever, but this season we’re wearing them at hip height and with a lot of straps and detailing. Shearling is also breaking out of its usual neutral color palette to come in deep blues and burnt oranges, all with the classic white/cream sheep’s wool trim (real or fake it’s up to you).  Wrap up and eat toffee apples in these for the perfect fall vibe.

Color: Forest Green

Another fall favoritewhich is dominating runways and wardrobes this season, and a great alternative to navy and black. Green is often overlooked as a neutral color, but darker shades are incredibly compatible with bold colors as we have seen across collections this season. A forest green coat looks perfectly chic and cool with any outfit, and later in the season will give off that holiday feel without being too in-your-face about it.

Details: Lace-Up

The only specific trend to make it from the catwalk to the high street this year is the lace-up detailing on seams and coat fastenings. These can be subtle, like exposed seams between panels which give a vintage feel to any piece, the kind that makes it look like you’re the sort of person who just “comes across” staple wardrobe pieces. Or they can be more obvious; lacing across a double-breasted jacket gives a nod to the military trend. Whichever way you choose to work this one, style it with simple accessories to let your coat do the talking.

Style: Full-Length Coats

So elegant. So cool. Always on trend. Buy in any color and any material and look purposefully cool wherever you are and whatever you wear underneath. Fall calls for slim line coats in loose, masculine cuts which drape over any outfit – come winter you’ll want heavy duty fabrics, and be accessorising with a very big scarf.

The cold season is coming, so be sure to be on the lookout for the best women’s winter coats sooner than later.

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