Why do Women Love Dansko Shoes?

Clog footwear usually conjures up images of square Dutch girls with platted hair standing next to cows that desperately need milking! But the Dansko Clog is not Dutch, it’s Danish, and what’s more it’s hip!

And anyway, the Dansko’s Hip Clogs Footwear really is a far cry from traditional clogs footwear, which many would say are better, suited as funky plant pots than they as footwear! It seems that just about every shoe days is stocking women’s store these Dansko shoes, mudd fringe women boots, Dansko boots, and of course, the now famous Dansko sandals. Dansko shoes are nothing what you might perceive as traditional clogs but their brand is based on clogs footwear nonetheless. However, this clever clogs footwear has a much more fashion conscious twist to design, styles, and comfort.

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It’s funny how the fashion industry can influence the minds of people to like something they once loathed before it was announced as hip. It was only a generation ago, no, a few years ago, that the wearing of clogs was seen as a little odd to say the least. But then fashions come and fashions go, and quite often fashions return with somewhat of an adjustment to the original styles. Fashion in footwear is no different and both men’s and women’s Dansko shoes is the now hip Danish clogs footwear which has been made into very unlikely styles based on designs from traditional clogs. In fashion circles, clogs footwear is no longer considered ugly, but stylish and comfortable shoes that have become extremely well sought.

 So if any form of clogs footwear was considered geekish in the past, why is it then that Women’s Dansko shoes have become so hip and trendy? After all, they are styled on the clog design, and such products have never gotten this much attention from the world of fashion footwear. To answer such questions you need to look, feel, try on, and walk a few steps in women’s Dansko Shoes. Then, and only then, will you understand how this particular brand of clogs footwear has become such a phenomenon amongst women of all ages in society.

Smart and hip shoe fashions have always been the obsession with women and young girls, and they will often endure unbelievable pain and discomfort if they think the shoe or boot is really making them look great. At last there is a high street brand that not only gives them a modern style in footwear, but they have that long awaited quality, comfort, and support to got with those trendy styles. Women’s Dansko shoes are somewhat of a phenomenon seeing as chic doesn’t usually go with foot safety. Traditional clogs they are not, as Dansko shoes have been able to produce clogs footwear that’s all the rage.

If you’re not a dedicated follower of women’s Dansko shoes (yet!), then you probably won’t know that this innovative company have created what they call the anatomically contoured foot beds. Now these anatomically contoured foot beds provide excellent support for the feet from heel to toe. Don’t let the word ‘support’ fool you and portray a product that is a tight fit, because women’s Dansko shoes still have the roomy toe boxes just like the traditional clogs do.

Every now again, there comes a fashion in footwear, like the women’s Dansko shoe, and it is pretty difficult to find anything negative to write about. Oh, there will always be those who knock any kind of clogs footwear as fuddy-duddy footwear for fashion subconscious geeks, but personal preference in style and design will always there amongst people. That’s a good thing. Heck, if we all liked the same clothing, we’d all be clones of fashion, and that would be a bad thing. But when it comes to quality, comfort, and support, it’s hard to fault either the women’s or the mens Dansko shoe range.

So there we have it. The new and hip footwear fashion from Denmark. The Women’s Dansko shoes with that unique Dansko clogs designs is the footwear that not only cares for the health and support of your feet, but does a lot to push the boundaries in fashion footwear for 2013. Be seen to be different without being seen to be odd is what the Dansko Clog will do for you.

Dansko have passed the test of time and proved themselves in the hardest market to crack. The United States of America just love this brand of footwear.

The American footwear market is unforgiving, especially for quality brands trying to take a share of the marketplace. Dansko shoes were first introduced to the USA over 20 years ago now. Although still a relative newcomer when compared to some of the old established brands, it’s evident that this Danish shoe company is well established in over there now, and if the Americans love the brand, then you can rest assured it is a name to be taken seriously for quality, innovation, support, and comfort.

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