Why Do Women Like Jewelry

And why everybody should

Everybody is attracted to beautiful things, people and places. Jewelry is no exception. We all know how expensive it can be, however it’s often forgotten how much work truly goes into creating quality pieces. When done right, certain pieces can last for generations. So it’s important when thinking about investing in jewels, to go with something of high quality and to care of it well.

Jewelry comes with it’s own feel good elements that add some seriously extra special aspects to owning these accessories. Because of the lifeline of these pieces we go through a lot with them, often they’re inherited and carry a lot of significance in our associations with them.


Jewelry also provides a lot of identification of a person. A lot of times we characterise a person based on the jewelry they wear – think Audrey Hepburn and the pearl necklace.

It’s strange to think that an object can have such serious affects on people. But it happens, these are the reasons why can have positive affects on those wearing it:

  • It’s a medium for self-expression

If you’re unfortunate enough to have to wear a uniform or have to conform to dress-codes jewelry allows some extra freedom to express yourself. Certain staple pieces and other statement jewelry allow you to present yourself how you’d like. Standing out from the crowd with a piece you love can add some extra excitement to daily life.

  • It feels nice to touch

Ever feel yourself at a loss with what to do with your hands? Jewelry can feel pleasing to touch, imagine a very hot summer day with the feeling of a cold gold banglet on your wrist – need I say more?

  • Jewelry can transform an outfit

Pair any look with diamond earrings or necklace and you’ll take in up that extra notch of class. Wearing a certain piece of jewelry has certain connotations and you’re able to dress it up or down however you like.

  • Memories

Jewlery can have a lot of different memories associated with it, depending on who you received it from, where you’ve worn it and what you usually do in it. Everytime you put on a certain piece you’ll be reminded of a certain situation.

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