When to Wear Sandals: 5 Essential Tips for Men

If there’s one kind of footwear that almost every man loves to wear, that would be sandals. These open-toe alternative to shoes are very comfortable on the feet, not to mention laidback and easy to take off. Sandals are great for various types of leisure activities and at the same time they let the feet to breathe and relax.

But sandals can be very casual, thus they are not suitable to wear during certain occasions. You may look out of place if you wear a pair of sandals in a cocktail party, regardless if you are a famous personality or a well-known fashion icon.

So when should you wear sandals? Below are 5 essential tips to keep in mind:


  1. When running errands.

When you are running errands, such as shopping for groceries or walking the dog, then there’s no need to dress up and look formal. You can go with casual outfits such as shirts and shorts, since you won’t be meeting anyone important. During these occasions you can wear sandals because they keep your feet comfortable as you do your chores. You also won’t be doing heavy physical activity, thus you don’t have to wear heavy duty rubber shoes.

Sandals also keep your feet cool while walking, and you won’t feel stiff or restless even if you’ve been standing and running and walking for a number of hours.

  1. When doing nature walks.

Nature walks not only involve parks and hiking in the woods, but they also include strolling in the beach. Sure, walking shoes are great in these adventures, but if you want to feel more comfortable and relaxed during your strolls, then sandals are the best footwear to use.

This is because you may also be tempted to take off your shoes when playing in the water (such as passing by a creek or hitting the beach). You may have to wait for your feet to dry in case you are wearing closed shoes; with sandals however, you can even get soaked in them.

  1. When it’s summer.

The hot summer days entail a laidback and relaxed fashion, and this includes your footwear. You may opt for closed shoes, but your feet might feel hot and restless when they start to sweat. Wearing sandals however allow your feet to stay cool throughout a hot day, thus you get to enjoy the season better.

You may go for either rubber or leather sandals when on a summer vacation; either type provides the same level of comfort and stability especially when you are wearing the right size. Of course, rubber sandals are more useful as you can get them soaked in the waters without worrying about the risk of wrinkling or damage compared to the leather kind.

  1. When travelling.

Are you planning to go on vacation? If so, then you should definitely have a pair of sandals at hand. This is because sandals are more ideal for traveling compared to shoes or slippers-they allow you to move freely while keeping your feet secured. You also won’t have to go through a rigorous process of removing and wearing them again whenever you go through airport inspection. Hotels also allow guests to come in sandals so you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of dress code.

  1. When the sandals have your toes covered.

There are types of men’s sandals that cover the toes, and these can be worn to match more formal outfits such as slacks and polo shirts. These sandals are very versatile since you can wear them to any occasion-and even when the event you’re attending has a particular dress code. These sandals are often made of leather, thus they provide a luxurious vibe to your overall look.

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