What is personal stylist and why do we need them?

If your car breaks down, you will need a mechanic or you would call a plumber if you are facing plumbing issues.  Similarly, if you are facing fashion crisis you need a stylist. Before heading for an outing with friends or attending a formal dinner, you keep worrying which look you will opt for the day or what you are going to wear. A personal stylist is what you need.

A personal stylist is one who typically advises individuals on current fashion trends, colors that are in, modern clothing styles and make up. The trend of personal stylist is more common with celebrities since they are required to look different from their previous appearance and leave a lasting impression. Gradually, this trend has made its way with commoners as well.


There is a sense of competition in social events and gatherings amongst people to look different from others and make a stand out appearance. A personal stylist helps in achieving this motive.

Following benefits might help you realizing why personal stylist is the need of the hour:

The solution to “I have nothing to wear” phrase:

How often have we said this to our self before getting ready for an important occasion despite having our closet full of clothes? Reasons being that some of them are outdated, some do not fit anymore and some we don’t like anymore. A personal stylist will arrange your wardrobe in such a way that makes sense. Choosing what to wear will become lot easier.

When you hire a personal stylist, they will go through your complete wardrobe and remove the things you do not require any more. They will give you shopping ideas which will serve as useful additions to your wardrobe.

Latest trends of fashion:

The need to surf the internet and reading fashion magazines to know about the current trends and fashion will be no more as your stylist will be the one taking care of this matter. All the fashion trends and latest styles will be in your reach without making any extra efforts.

The stylist will not only notify you about the fashion trends but also about the sales on different outlets of designer stores from where you can pick your desired outfits and accessories at reasonable prices.

Create a certain image:

“First impression is the last impression” is a phrase that we hear and use a million times. Obviously, we do not want our first impression on others to be an unpleasant one. Your stylist will be the one taking care of the image and impression you want to create and maintain.

Maintaining Individuality:

Most of the people run behind brands. They try to follow whatever the trend is. A stylist will make sure you do not become one of the crowds rather they would maintain your individuality and distinguish style.

If you think having a stylist will add up to your expenditures and is a luxury only rich people can afford,think again! They will be the one saving your precious time you waste thinking about what to wear and from where to buy. You can always use that time for more productive things.

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