Versatile Shoe Styles You Can Use for Every Occasion

Let’s admit it: we find it difficult to choose the best type of ladies shoes. The reason for this is quite simple, and that would be the fact that there are a zillion styles to choose from, and you just can’t pick the one for your feet to wear.

Well, this is a pretty common scenario faced by today’s women. With the fast-changing trends in the world fashion, it can be really hard for any lady to decide which type of shoes to wear, and if the pairs she currently has are able to meet her ever-changing style requisites.


Hence, to address this ordeal, you may want to check out these versatile styles on shoes for women, as these may help you stay consistent and at the same time fashionable each time you go out:

  1. Ballet flats.

If you are looking for comfortable, trendy, and youthful shoes that can withstand the changing fashion trends, then it is best to have a pair of ballet flats. No, these don’t necessarily have to be the actual ballet shoes, but flats that have round toes and soft fabric material that resemble the said kind of dancing shoes.

Ballet flats are extremely comfortable on the feet, thus you will enjoy walking for hours in them without getting strained or tired. These shoes are also easy to match with different types of outfits, such as summer dresses, shirts and shorts, skinny jeans, and leggings.

  1. Chunky heels.

Chunky heels were initially known as party shoes for women, as they became the staple footwear of party girls during the late 1960s and the 1970s. While their fame died down for a while during the ‘80s, they were resurrected during the 1990s and have become a permanent fixture in today’s fashion trends.

Chunky heels come in thick high soles and are often worn with dresses and jeans, depending on the type of event that you are going to. Surprisingly, these shoes are very comfortable on the feet, and this can be attributed to their thick soles.

One standout feature of chunky heels is that they work perfectly with flare type pants, such as slacks and bootleg jeans. These shoes are a favourite among women who are into corporate work, as they can easily slip on a pair of clogs and look sassy while on the job.

  1. Open-toe sandals.

Open-toe sandals are a must-have in every woman’s closet. This is because you’ll never know when you need to go for a casual walk in the park, garden, or the beach. And there are also times when even the most comfortable walking shoes don’t do the trick.

Sandals are versatile because they can be worn with just about any outfit without looking out of style. They can also be used as the ultimate fashion accessory in case you want to rebel against the norm of formal dresses.

A lot of celebrities have already rocked flat sandals to red carpet events, the latest being Serena Williams during the Wimbledon Ball. If she was able to do it, then so can you!

  1. Boots.

Yes, if you want a versatile pair of shoes, you can rely on your boots.

Boots are highly versatile when it comes to fashion, so long as you know how to match them properly. For starters, you can match a summer dress with a pair of ankle boots and look like hipster chic. You can also switch to a grungy look by sporting shorts, a shirt and a plaid sweater in case you want to rebel against today’s casual styles.

Meanwhile, if you have knee-high boots, then you can wear them with skinny jeans or leggings and still look pretty. You can also match them with a skirt and a stylish top in case you want to head on to a night out with friends and look chic.

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