Various type of cosmetics products which can make you perfect women

You need to know that beauty is in simplicity but a balanced and healthy make over can make you beautiful like heaven. Women usually use various types of product to make them aesthetically beautiful and perfect enough to adapt styles and fashion. But you do need to be aware of makeup disasters where you are certainly unaware of what kind of products should be uses to gain perfect look.


Product types which you should make a set of  

You can either buy the products on online stores like Younique or cosmetics parlors; it again can be of same brand or different specific brands which suits you.

  1. Foundation: The most common and basic but important product is foundation which is part of every makeup. It should be purchased after seeing whether it is a perfect match for your skin tone of face and other areas or not.
  2. Lipstick/Lip cream: The lipstick contains various ingredients like waxes, oil and other essentials for applying the particular, texture, shade and protection to your lips.
  3. Lip liner: It adds the depth in the color and texture of lips applied with lip cream. It is used to provide extra shade and base to the original lip cream color to enhance it.
  4. Lip Gloss: The lip gloss is again used for adding extra attribute to your lips to make it glossy and luster. It is widely available in various kinds as in different forms like semisolid or liquid and in several types of shades.
  5. Concealers: The skin might have various patches, acne marks or blemishes which you want to hide. These imperfections can be hidden by the concealers. It is more solid than foundation and also thicker in consistency and covers the skin.
  6. Lip Plummer: A pluming effect is generated by this product where you get the extra rich colored lips.

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