Top 6 Kinds of Tops That Look Great When Paired Up with Skirts

If you are unable to decide which top to wear with your skirt, then here’s some help for you. Finding a top that looks great when paired up with skirts is quite daunting, but you can do it by following some of the following tips, which can make you a fashionista.

It is always good to follow the latest trends and look beautiful. Always be clear with your style and live by your own design, which means that you should know what suits you the most and dress accordingly. If you are looking for a top to be paired up with a skirt for a special occasion, make sure to check lady’s tops online because there are endless varieties available online for all occasions. Now, let’s check out few of the tops that can best suit your skirts.

Laced Tops

If you are looking at achieving that perfect feminine appearance, what better can you opt for than a lace top? Ensure that you have two to three laced tops in your wardrobe as they look great not only with skirts, but also with jeans.


Short Kurtas

A combination of skirts and kurtas is the best. Kurtas look great with ethnic skirts and are very trendy during the summer. Opt for sleeveless kurtas with long skirts. If you are planning to wear a short skirt you can pair it up with either sleeved or sleeveless kurtas.

Tank Top Layered with a Cardigan

Pair up your favourite skirt with a tank top that is tucked into your skirt and layer it over a cardigan. You are sure to be the show-stopper wherever you go. If you are wearing A-line skirts, opt for a cropped cardigan. If it’s a pencil skirt, you can work with any length of cardigan.

Round Neck Tees

If the casual look is what you want, you can’t find anything better than the round neck simple tees for your skirts. They are not only stylish but also very comfortable. This is the simplest and easiest solution. On days when you just don’t feel like partying with your favourite tee, you can dress it up with a midi skirt.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are always a safe bet to wear with skirts and look simply wow. You can look gorgeous in this combo and accomplish an exquisite win. Crop tops have always exemplified fashion resilience.

Bohemian Blouses

Not everyone may be in for this look, but it looks great with traditional, embroidered skirts. Opt for something with colourful embroidery, puffed sleeves and drawstring neckline – that’s it – you are ready for a festive look. Accessorize lightly to rock the show.

Irrespective of whichever top you choose to wear with your skirt, the key is to wear patterned or printed tops with plain skirts or vice versa.

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