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Tips To Help You Identify a Natural Gemstone

A natural gemstone is a stone, a mineral, an organic substance which are obtained naturally from our mother nature. Minerals or organic substance that gets deposited beneath the surface of earth will undergo natural chemical process and finally delivers these natural gems after millions of years. These natural gems are taken and processed with high degree of treatment like cutting, polishing etc to get a fine gem. They are classified as precious and semi precious. Precious gemstones are rare, exhibits excellent beauty and have a good durability, where as a semi precious stone might have only one or two qualities of precious stones.

Nowadays to satisfy the increased demand for gemstones, synthetic or lab created gemstones are available. However natural gemstones are extremely rare, and thus grab its own special place in addition they continue to be the most preferred one by knowledgeable gem buyers.

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Tips To Identify a Natural Gemstone

  • Four C’s place a main role in judging the natural gemstones and they are Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. It is better to do check them out completely before buying gemstone jewelry.
  • Next important thing that you need to consider are their natures like beauty, rarity and durability. Each and every gemstone has its own nature and generally gemstone with high intensity of color without any inclusions is considered as rare.
  • Synthetic stones don’t have an angular growth patterns inside the stone instead exhibits a curved growth patterns.
  • Gas bubbles indicate its synthetic nature but might not be true in all cases because certain natural gemstones come with these inclusions. Get a basic gemstone chart to have a better clarity about inclusions.
  • An imitation stone has similar looks of a natural gemstone but is very cheap in quality. Imitations will be lighter in weight than its natural counterparts.
  • Another thing that you have to be careful is assembled stones. These are made of natural gemstones but are mixed with synthetic materials. Using a penlight illumination shows the signs of assembly.


  • Before buying a gemstone, have a look at them under a UV light which helps you to identify whether it is a heated or natural gemstone. Also try to view the gemstone in all possible angles and especially from CX side. If you have a detailed look then you might be able to find difference between a fake and natural one.
  • It is better to buy these natural gemstones from a genuine seller, since his reputation might be spoiled if he sells fake ones.

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