Hey! Today we will talking about things that you shouldn’t be wearing. So it will be kinda top mistakes that people do while they buy their clothes or while they are wearing their clothes.

The mistake number one is the most annoying. I even don’t understand why people do that! So it is “wearing things that hurt you”. It can be for example uncomfortable pair of heels that you go out in and you feel so much pain, when you physically can’t walk and you complain every single minute how they hurt you but stop! No one wants to hear that your heels hurt you, that you can’t walk and so on. I just hate those situations when somebody complains about the outfit that is uncomfortable, about shoes that hurt. There is one most common excuse like “But you are tall, you can wear flats, but I MUST wear heels”. Sorry, why should you do that? Is there heel police in the street or what? I mean if you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, just don’t wear it or not complain ok?


Fashion mistake number two: buying trends you don’t actually love. When you see one piece of clothing on Instagram million times you start to think that you like it and that you absolutely must have it. If you have seen the same item a lot of times, if it is very popular and every girl says that it is the best thing that she has ever had, but you don’t actually like it, you shouldn’t run to a mall and buy it, stop doing that! You will just buy this thing and it will be abandoned in your closet for the rest of your life, I swear because I know that.

Three: impulse purchases. Yeah, all of us have done it once or twice or a million times. I’m so guilty of doing this and now I’m looking at my closet and see all these impulse purchases and all I see now is actually the money that I’ve spent in vain. Go home, think about it, think about how often you will wear it, can you add it to your different outfits? If the answer is “no”, you probably shouldn’t buy it.

Number four. Oh my gosh, this is the most prevalent mistake. And this is very strange, I mean, why people do that? Why they buy things that are too small? There are a lot of people who say “I’m a size XXS!” and you actually see how these clothes look painful on them like “Are you? I don’t think so”. I’m not judging a size XXS, because I wear this size but there are a lot of clothes in my wardrobe that are size S and even M, because they fit me. Remember that nobody cared what letter is written inside your sweatshirt.

Five: buying clothes just because they are on sale. You can’t like the item just because you like the price! I know that feeling when you see something like “fashion dresses for sale”, you think that you just must buy a couple, but think twice!

Six: buying outfits you only wear once. Is the piece of clothing is really noticeable and you will wear it only once, you should really valuate if it merits your money spent.

There are much more mistakes that really exist, but there are the most common, I’m sure that you do some of them, because every girl do this. So think twice, be nice! Xoxo

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