The Importance Of A Cosmetic Product Safety Report

Consumers want to know exactly what they are getting when they purchase cosmetics. This includes makeup, body lotions, cleansers, and more. The best way to understand what is inside of the cosmetics is to look at the cosmetic product safety report that is filed by the manufacturer with the government.

Inside of the cosmetic product safety report, a significant amount of information can be found. This includes details about toxicity, sensitivity, carcinogens, as well as all of the different ingredients. If a product is labeled as organic or all-natural, this safety report will identify whether the product truly is categorized properly.

The European Union has a regulation EC 1223/2009 which has to do with providing consumer information. It is up to every manufacturer to identify any potential health risks and publish them. If a company does not produce the safety report, they are unable to market themselves across the EU, which could be a significant loss for that manufacture – which is one of the main reasons why more and more companies are choosing to produce the necessary reports.

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The EC 1223/2009 regulation made it possible for manufacturers to understand exactly what needs to be included within the report. This includes information about the products, raw materials, as well as the manufacturing and storage methods that are used. If any time of formula changes, a new report needs to be created in order to identify any potential changes within sensitivity, toxicity levels, and more.

While the documentation can take more time, it is a necessity due to regulations as well as to make it easier for consumers to purchase products with confidence. No one wants to purchase products that are questionable, and the guidelines have become more stringent than ever.

Now, there are some interpretations of the regulations, including determining methods for manufacturing as well as the level of documentation. All in all, the regulations do stipulate that there are at least four details that need to be included on every product that hits the market. This includes proof of product efficacy, product description, method of manufacturing, as well as any data on animal testing.

All companies need to comply with the regulations, otherwise they are subject to fines. Additionally, it is possible for the products to be removed from the marketplace because they do not adhere to the laws of the European Union.

By being able to get product safety reports for all cosmetics, consumers are able to learn more about the products that they are going to use. It can help to avoid purchasing products that could potentially have higher toxicity levels, has been tested on animals, or have certain sensitivities. The reports simply help consumers to enjoy peace of mind knowing that the manufacturers have followed the necessary guidelines in order to have their products appear in the marketplace.

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