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The finest Oscar dresses ever


Yes, you’ve read it right! The much loved and iconic dress is once again on our radar and we’ve decided to take you through something doubly exciting. Let’s say the title points to something that will always arouse your imagination and help you indulge in one of your favorite pastimes, namely checking out celebrities (don’t worry boys, it’s harmless and related to fashion only).

The latest dress designs splashed across all online shopping sites for clothes are proof of the adage- A dress is to a woman what football games are to men (okay, we invented this adage!). Many of the latest dress designs are inspired heavily by both Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. Some of our fashion icons closer home is also ambassadors of online shopping sites for clothes However, Bollywood is not our focus today and neither are mainstream Hollywood actresses. Going by the Bollywood feast we’ve just had earlier, it’s time to get into new and interesting territory. We’ll chronicle some of the finest and most striking dresses worn by our beloved Hollywood stars at the Oscars, the pinnacle for cinematic achievement (yes, we notice these things too!). Not surprisingly, you will certainly seek these styles when you check out all latest dress designs post reading. Read on and we recommend a few munchies for a complete experience!


The Academy Awards have always been the apt platform for some of the most cherished, iconic and memorable dresses of all time. Gwyneth Paltrow won hearts with her pristine white Tom Ford Dress at the 2012 Oscars. This was a fashion risk on the red carpet, considering the unconventional cape that came with the dress coupled with the absolutely minimalist color. However, this definitely propelled its way into Oscar dress superstardom (okay, we invented this category too! :D). At the 2002 Oscars, Halle Berry won the Actress in a Leading Role Oscar for Monster’s Ball and boy was it her night! Her Ellie Saab designer dress with the embroidered sheer top wowed one and all (talk about being double lucky!).

At the same event, Kate Winslet chose to wear the then unknown designer Ben Di Lisi (even her movies are offbeat yet unique now) and the lovely floral patterned dress in red proved to be a masterstroke indeed, building a long term red carpet relationship (between the actress and her designer silly!). Charlize Theron took it up a notch at the 2005 Oscars with her stunning baby blue gown from Dior with cool ruffles. Even the eccentric Cher made a grand entry in a Bob Mackie dress at the 1987 Oscars. This gown was definitely eye catching and won her quite a female fan following! The legendary Grace Kelly wore a super elegant dress designed by Edith Head at the 1955 Oscars where she picked up the Best Actress award. Her dress can even give the latest dress designs a run for their money today! Head was the iconic costume designer for films like Funny Face and Roman Holiday at Paramount.

The 2004 Oscars saw Vanessa Paradis standing out in a vintage Chanel dress with super cute beaded ruffles (we can see why she could once hook even Johnny Depp!). Even Lara Croft, sorry Angelina Jolie got people talking with the leg baring black Atelier Versace dress at the 2012 Oscars paired with red lips (talk about a bomb waiting to burst!). Cindy Crawford inspired a whole generation of American housewives with her Versace dress in red with a plunge cut at the 1991 Oscars. Even another eccentric, Courtney Love, played it sensibly with her glamorous Versace dress at the 1997 Oscars (we so envy her hair and make-up!).

The Swan dress from the 2011 Oscars created a huge impact and Macedonian designer Marjan Pejoski has to be credited for the same. This was definitely one of the biggest risks taken in fashion history and boy did it work! Kiera Knightley was as refreshing as the summer breeze (our attempt at Shakespearean poetry!) in a Vera Wang dress at the 2006 Oscars. This was a customized mermaid shaped dress which highlighted her curves (yes, she’s not as reed-thin as she looks) to perfection. Even Jennifer Lawrence made quite a statement with her Calvin Klein dress at the 2011 Oscars. This was a simple yet super sexy red dress that no woman will be able to resist! Uma Thurman literally killed it (Kill Bill anyone?) at the 1995 Oscars in a Prada dress and legend goes that the brand was still relatively unknown then (yes, as shocking as it sounds!).

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