Social Crowdfunding: Tips to Establish Yourself as an Expert

Crowdfunding has never been easy. The question isn’t as simple as – “how do you convince a complete stranger to donate to your fundraiser?”

Before the money actually comes in, a lot of effort needs to be put into your fundraising efforts; primarily, your engagement with your audience. They need to be educated about your cause and why it’s important. They have to be shown the problem and its effects on the community you’re impacting. And perhaps the most important of all; they need to be convinced you’ll do the best job possible to make a difference!

An effective approach is proving you’re an expert on your own cause. If you don’t know every nook and cranny of your topic, donors will not consider your NGO fit to get involved with. There are many ways to do establish yourself as an expert.

Do a live Q&A session with your social media audience

What better way to show your audience that you know your cause by letting them question you themselves? You can rope in a guest expert if you can or choose to run the live by yourself. The best thing about live is that many of your followers will receive a notification when you go live (at least on Instagram). However, make sure you let people know (repeatedly) well ahead of time that you’ll be running the session to ensure maximum reach. This is also a great time to talk about your fundraiser on your chosen crowdfunding website.

Blog, blog and then blog some more!

Nothing says “expert” with more class and conviction than well-written blogs. Make sure they’re witty, engaging and at the same time, clear and informative. You can use WordPress or the newly popular platform, Medium. Here are some blog topic prompts to start you off:

  • How did your nonprofit begin? What was the inspiration behind it? Explore the mission and vision here as well (but in the format of a story), and let yourself be naturally emotional.
  • What was your last successful project all about? What were some of the struggles you overcame (or didn’t)? Who were the beneficiaries and how did their lives change?
  • Have you raised funds for a project before? What was your last fundraising campaign about? How did you manage to make it a success? Or if you didn’t, what did you learn from the experience?
  • Tell your audience the detailed story of a single beneficiary you impacted.

Video ideas

There’s no better evidence to validate your nonprofit than visual content – all nonprofits will agree! These can be shot with any smartphone with a decent camera. Here are some of the best video ideas that have worked wonders for nonprofits and their fundraisers:

  • Testimonials from volunteers
  • “Trailers” of past projects
  • Subtitled footage of NGO staff on field

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