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Short Wedding Dresses – a Good Choice for Summer Wedding

What’s old is new again. Short wedding dresses, which were popular in the middle of XX century, now, gain popularity and become one of the modern trends in wedding fashion. 

Some Historical Facts
The first short wedding dress was created by Coco Chanel – a legend woman in the world fashion industry. Its length was slightly below the knees, it was designed with ruffles and corrugation, and looked quite modest and elegant. Since its appearance, a short wedding dress has been taking strong positions in the wedding fashion, over the years, changing, sometimes shocking and impressing. For some time, it has been unjustly forgotten, and now it precipitously regains lost popularity.

For what Body Type Short Bridal Dress is Suitable? 
You should think about a short wedding dress, if you:
1) are slim and not tall;
2) like dancing;
3) have beautiful legs;
4) want to have a wedding in retro style.

Types of Short Bridal Dresses 
Short wedding dresses are different. First of all they differ in length: mini, short, knee and below the knee. You can choose an ultra-short bridal dress, a romantic dress with length just below the knees, or a short dress in baby-doll style. In any case, you will be the original bride.
There is an option for doubting brides – a dress with asymmetrical length. The dress will be short in front, while having a long back and even a tail. Thus, on the one hand you’ll give a tribute to tradition, but on the other hand you will not betray your worldview and style. In addition, there is another option – a dress with a skirt that can be easily removed.

Two Wedding Dress Option
If your budget allows it, you can fulfill your dream by buying two wedding dresses. The first one should be traditionally long for ceremony in the church. The second dress should be a short version of the first one, you can use it for a wedding party. Try to select them in the same style, with similar details and ornaments, in order to preserve the integrity of your look.

Accessories for Short Bridal Dress
Short wedding dress allows you to use a wide range of accessories. Different elements are suitable for different dresses styles. They can be: a wide-brimmed hat, a bowler hat, Coco Chanel necklaces, a long wedding veil, a white clutch bag, long gloves, a light air scarf etc. As for shoes, in most cases it is better to give preference to elegant sandals. In some cases, ankle boots or shoes will be ideal. Ultra-short bridal dress can be ideally complemented with over-the-knee white boots.

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