Short History of Boho Chic Dresses And Style

Bohemian fashion style has been among us more than two centuries, and it is still attractive and provocative as it was in the very beginning.

In general, we can describe it as the constant alternative of the main and dominant fashion trends. In this way, we will not make a mistake if we say it was the most popular fashion style among actors, artists, or writers. In other words, boho chic dresses are first option for women who prefer bohemian culture. It is one of the “trademarks” of all creative individuals and open minded people.

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How To Recognize Boho?

What are the main specific features of this style, and how we can recognize it in the ocean of different trends? It is easier than you think.

If you notice that someone wears colorful items that are looser than the ordinary ones, you can bet this person is fan of this specific style, which is also known under many other names – hippie or Aesthetic dress are just some of them.

As you can see, it is not difficult to recognize this fashion movement. It is just different and you can be sure you will stand from the crowd if you decide to try it.

Unlike modern times, women’s dresses was primarily connected with the poverty and lowest social layers through history. It was not the sign of the rebel of something like that. It was the sign of the brutal reality that was not as colorful as their dresses and clothes were.

Fortunately, it has changed and today people from different social backgrounds opt for this fashion.

The History

Now lets take a look at the history of this breathtaking clothing:

The first thing we have to understand here is that Bohemian “fashion” was created in France, right after the glorious French Revolution. It was the time of upcoming liberty and freedom, which had a big impact on all aspects of life. The fashion was also “infected” with this liberation and people (primarily artists) started wearing clothes that were opposite of conservative style of the aristocracy.

New fashion was very similar to what Gypsies wore back then (and today wear). And because it is believed that almost all Gypsies originate from Bohemia, a region in today’s western Czech Republic, people started to call all “strange” and unusual people Bohemians. The same was with people who insisted on colorful and old clothes. This is how the whole fashion movement got its name.

After the French Revolution, more and more people started to copy the style from Parisian streets. This trend continued in the 19th century, but it was known as Aesthetic Movement.

The main goal of its representatives was fighting against Victorian rigid concept of living. People started to make their dresses for girls. It was unique compared to the serial production that was coming from the mass producing factory lines.

This fashion style continued its life through the mass Hippie movement, which was at its peak in the late 1960s. Young people rebelled against political, moral and sexual establishment of that time, and wearing old and striking cloths was their answer to repression. Besides long hair, rock music and drugs of course.

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