Shopping in Lisbon: Spots You Should Not Miss

When vacation time finally kicks in and your world map stands still at Lisbon, the first question that would cross your mind is, “What’s in for me at Lisbon?” Well, apart from being surrounded by great heritage spanning centuries, you will be within one of Western Europe’s cheapest cities.

Yes, that’s right. Though it is not home to the world’s largest markets, Lisbon boasts of affordability blended with unique products. Shopping within Lisbon is a culture and it would be a great shame if you would jet back home without at least an antique from a historical store within the Portuguese capital.

There are several shopping streets within Lisbon, each offering a unique set of products. But of all these places, there are shopping spots that must be a go-zone for you.

Cork and Co.

Located within the quiet Bairro Alto Street, Cork and Co. is the one stop shop if you are looking to get your hands on Portugal’s most abundant material – cork. This shop provides everything cork related ranging from furniture to art designs and accessories.


What started as someone’s mansion in the 1800s is now a historical site boasting of exquisite pieces of art. Crowned as one of the most interesting shopping spots in Lisbon, Embaixadais loved by many who love Portuguese brands and lifestyle designs from renowned designers. A pass by this place is guaranteed to leave your pocket empty, as the products on sale and display are ones you would not want to miss.


Avenida da Liberdade

This place is the home of the top class fashion designers such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Fashion fanatics do not feel like they have had the best of Lisbon until they pass by this place.

The elegant Chiado district

Chiado district is one of the most famous shopping zones in Lisbon. Everything you may need can be found here, ranging from high-end international products to local stores and second-hand outlets.

At the heart of this district is the Armazens do Chiado, otherwise known as the Chiado Department Stores. This is by far the most popular shopping spot among shoppers in Chiado. The good thing is the high shoppers’ traffic is matched by the high goods population.

A Vida Portuguesa

The reason why this place is a favorite one among most shoppers is the Portuguese culture and heritage it holds. A Vida Portuguesa houses historical products made originally in Portugal, and a host of famous soaps Portugal is known for. Curious tourists who are interested to see, live and buy the heritage of Portugal love this shopping destination.

It is common practice among the shoppers that one may rent a car for easy transportation to shopping spots around the city. This is possible with the car rental service at Lisbon Airport that ensure once you touch down, you directly have a ride to take you on whatever spree you are on.

The best thing about Lisbon is that you will hardly run out of cash before you run out of space to carry all you have bought. It is that affordable. Cut off the Paris and New York thoughts and take a trip to Lisbon where shopping is a completely new experience.

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