Removing Stains from Your Wedding Dress

Stains on your wedding dress can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you notice one as you are heading for photos. No bride wants to think of a stain getting on her dress on her wedding day, but the truth of the matter is, it is better to be prepared and not have to do any stain removal than be stuck without on your wedding day.

Read Your Dress Materials Closely

Ask your dress consultant the best way to get stains out of the fabric of the dress you are buying. There may be several different ways to remove the stain and you do not want to damage the fabric by using a method that is not the best for it.

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Pack a Stain Removal Kit

Once you find out what would work best on your dress in case of a stain, make sure you carry the items with you in a small purse. This can be left in your car just in case you need to run out and get it. Sometimes stain removing pens work well too, but make sure it is okay for your dress fabric first.

When to Leave a Stain Alone

Sometimes trying to treat a stain ends up making it worse than it was when the dress was first stained. Take a look at the location and size of the stain. Is it noticeable? Usually stains occur in places that will likely be missed by the eye of your guests or the camera. Sometimes it is better to leave it alone and have it treated when your dress is being preserved.

Beyond the Stain

Sometimes there are things that happen to your wedding dress that are much more severe than a simple stain. Perhaps you got a small burn hole in your dress during your grand entrance from one of the wedding sparklers you handed out. Maybe your dress caught on something sharp in the reception hall and tore a huge hole in the fabric. All sorts of things can happen to your dress, and getting it repaired before it’s preserved is vital. If the burn hole or tear is too big for you to handle on your own, or you just want it to turn out perfect, your best bet is to let a professional do the repair.

Though you may be handy around normal clothing, sometimes removing stains or other damage from a wedding dress is just too tricky to do on your own. Look closely at the problem and assess if it is something you can fix, but there’s nothing wrong with getting the help of a professional when removing stains from your wedding dress.

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