Purchase Hijab which suits your style

Hijab is one of the most common Muslim clothes, which is worn by the Muslim ladies for covering up their head and the neck. Hijab used to be a simple plain cloth of dark color but with the passage of the time and evolution in fashion in Malaysia, hijab is available in various new styles which compliments the dress and enhances the outlook of the women. There are various online stores in Malaysia which offer hijab for sale, thus you can easily purchase the latest design in few clicks. If you are purchasing hijab for wedding party then embroidered scarf is your choice while if you are purchasing it for daily use then you can opt for floral pattern etc.


Know about different types of hijab

Hijab is available in various different sizes and shapes as well as in a wide range of fabric such as rayon, cotton, silk, chiffon etc. Thus before purchasing the Hijab you must know about the fabric and style you need to purchase. If you are stepping forward to purchase the Hijab then you must know different types of styles of hijabs available in the market. Few of the common types are listed below –

  • Tudung it is also termed as shawl and it is oblong in shape. Tudung is available in few fabrics such as cotton, viscose, chiffon, and Lycra. You can select the fabric on the basis of your need and season.
  • Head scarf – this type of hijab is hooded or square in shape and is available in a wide range of fabric like cotton, polyester, chiffon and many more.
  • Hijab shayla – this piece is light in weight and thus best for layering purpose. It is rectangular or square in shape.
  • Two-piece – as per its name it is available in two pieces that is neck covering and a head band. The fabric in which you will mostly get this hijab is polyester, cotton and spandex.

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