Pre-Pregnancy Course

The moment I discovered that I was pregnant; I made up my mind to take advice from professionals and experts from Babedu Academy. I heard about the program from a friend and I believed that pre-pregnancy period is a very important stage of a woman’s life, especially for my life since I was a working woman. Thanks to Babedu Academy, I had a great experience on the Pre-Pregnancy course.

Before encountering Babedu Academy’s pre-pregnancy course, the process of labor and birth often seem fearful to me. This was because I was a first expectant mother. This Pre-pregnancy course empowered me while pregnant and exposed me to what I should expect. Babedu Academy’s pre-pregnancy course was the sole secret of my positive birth experience. Undergoing this program eliminated the mystery attached to birth experience in my mind. During the pre-pregnancy course, I was assisted by my baby’s father.

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The course exposed me to methods of making labor more convenient. I had perfect understanding on the management of pre-pregnancy pains. For the first time, I understood the role of my husband in ensuring a healthy pregnancy. I realized that the pre-pregnancy course extended beyond birth and labour as topics like proper feeding and the avoidance of alcohol and smoke were also treated.

Babedu Academy’s pre-pregnancy course also exposed me to the necessity of appearance and behaviour of newborn. You won’t believe that they also discussed breastfeeding-related topics. The course gave me hints on the development of the body after birth. I gave my baby 100% careand I kept him baby safe as I monitored the baby’s growth and development.

Another thing I love about Participating in the pre-pregnancy course is that I had the opportunity to meet other parents or expectant mothers thereby sharing my concerns and expectations. I also met other parents and babies and I socialized with them.

I am so glad I participated; make sure you register for a pre-pregnancy course today.

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