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Plan a dress code for the employees of your restaurant

Nowadays, many of the restaurants and hotels have a dress code for their employees. The dress code helps the customers to recognize the waiter or the waitress easily and place the order. If you are running a restaurant in Malaysia and looking forward to introduce the dress code for your waiters, then you must opt for customized t-shirt design. You can opt for getting the name or the logo of your restaurant printed on the t- shirt, this will help you to promote your restaurant. In addition to this the t-shirts are more comfortable; hence it will help your employees to work freely and easily.

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Place bulk order and avail quantity discounts

There are various online stores in Malaysia which provide for customization option, thus you can easily print your T-Shirt online. Remember to give the bulk order, as it will help you to avail the quantity discount with ease. Remember to select the base color which is soothing and pleasing, as in case the color is not soothing your customers may not like it and can avoid visiting your restaurant. You can opt for collar neck t-shirt, round neck t-shirt etc. There are various styles available in the market. But opt for the soft and comfortable fabric, so that your employees may devote their full concentration on the work rather than the difficulties of cloth.

While placing your order online check the return policy of the store. It is advisable to opt for the store which offers guarantee on the fabric and the print of the t-shirt. This will help you to ensure that you are investing in qualitative product. In addition to this, now the delivery time of the t-shirt is also reduced to a great deal. Before placing the bulk order, first place an order for only single t-shirt, this will help you to know the outlook of the t-shirt. If the design of the logo or name is looking fabulous, you can place the bulk order otherwise think of new design.

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