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The sweet juice that is tapped from the maple trees are marketed commonly as maple syrup. These maple syrups are commonly used by everyone to replace the processed sugars in their diet. They assist in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Also their use as barbeque sauces and glazes for meat and poultry foods add depth and variation in taste of the items.

Maple syrup is usually grown in a very scanty part of the continent of North America. The USA contributes towards a much smaller quantity of the maple syrup production. The main production comes from only a few Canadian provinces namely New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

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As the production of any indigenous product is affected by several prevalent factors, so is the production of maple syrup exposed to various factors such as soil quality, weather conditions, genetic dispositions and also the health of the tree from which the syrup is tapped. They are also dependent upon the methods and techniques used by the manufacturers. Maple syrups are available in different grades. This grading system is based on the color of the syrup. The sap tapped towards the end of the tapping season is of a darker color. A syrup dark in color has a stronger taste than light amber colored syrup.

The maple season lasts only for a few weeks and starts with the advent of the spring season. These limitations make it available only in the local markets. The availability of original maple syrup in the international market is very low due to its short tapping season and also its excessively limited production.

There are several products marketed as “pancake syrups” which are not original maple syrup but are its mere substitutes. Also some products are marked as maple flavored but are not originally maple syrups. Thus a customer should have an eagle’s eye while buying a maple syrup from the market so that he seeks only the real maple product for himself.

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