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Mismatched socks Setting a Trend in Teenage Fashion

As a parent going through the laundry basket to sort out the clean washing, inevitably we come across the pile of socks, and no matter how often you try, there is always one or two socks missing to make a pair.  These normally end up in a pile somewhere waiting in vain for the missing one to come along during the next washing cycle!  Incredibly it never seems to happen, and we are left with a mounting pile of mismatched socks.

As we walk through the school yards or places where children hang out we can see a surprising trend with them wearing odd socks!  It seems this is a new fashion trend being created by the ingenious fashion conscious teenage population.  To parents and grandparents, it may seem a rather bizarre thing to witness, but it is happening more and more.

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Fine cotton socks finally being put to use, no longer the need to put the socks in pairs and in a drawer, we can now simply put them in a pile and trust our children to find the right time and occasion to wear them out.  In fact, some manufacturers are even selling socks in three’s, to cater for the growing trend in the market place.

There is a growing trend in the premium socks stores to offer a variety of color and lengths of socks, to cater for the fashion conscious teenagers of the world, who tend to shop for their own clothes and fashion accessories these days.  Bonne Maison, who include made in France socks at their online store, have an exciting range of premium cotton socks to satisfy the most curious of teenager or even parent for that matter.

Now there is no need to worry about where the odd socks are, we can be sure our teenagers are wearing them in a new way that is imaginative and thoughtful…no more discussions or debates about the lost sock monster!

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