Men’s Assassin Creed Style Hoodie Jacket – 3 Stylish Ways to Wear

Many gamers have dreamt of looking like the main character from Assassin’s Creed. There is something uniquely cool and intriguing about the hooded hero. This has led many people to look for Assassin’s Creed clothing online. Check out this hooded jacket with the sunglasses for men ; it looks just like something a modern day assassin would wear!

Assassin’s Creed was launched in 2007 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. It quickly became one of the hottest gaming franchises on the planet and has spawned a new title nearly every year. Starting back in the 11 Century, you play a man called Altair.


Altair is part of the ancient Assassins Order, direct enemies of the Templars. The first game has you running all over the Holy Land, which is filled with warring crusaders and local Persian soldiers! Newer versions of the game include Renaissance Italy, the American War of Independence and Victorian London.

The game’s premise isn’t as simple as you may first think. It’s not just a game about jumping off buildings and fighting sword brandishing enemies. The main character of the first games was a man called Desmond Miles. Desmond is the descendant of all the characters you play during the game.

The underlying storyline follows that of Desmond and his team trying to work out the mystery before the world is supposed to end in 2012. He does this by using a machine called the Animus. The Animus allows users to experience previous lives of their ancestors. Desmond learns that there was once a civilization of humans that pre date anything we know in the modern world. This precursor society was massively advanced in technology and society. They were wiped out by the same catastrophe that threatens the modern era. Desmond and his team must find out the mystery and prevent the same thing from happening again.

Today we are giving you three great ways to wear your new Assassin Creed Style Hoodie.

  1. Cosplay

Cosplay has a huge online following. The basic idea is to dress up like your favorite video game or pop culture figure. With the stylish Assassin Creed Style Hoodie, you could create an outfit which resembles a modern day assassin! Once you have the hoodie, you are halfway there. All you need to complete the look would be some jeans, trainers and the iconic wrist blade.

2. In The Rain

Use the Assassin Creed Style Hoodie hood for its secondary purpose – stopping the rain. Not only will the hoodie protect your head from the dreaded downfall, but you will also look like the coolest guy on the street. With the hood up and your face mostly concealed, you will trick people into thinking you truly are a modern day assassin.

3. Parkour

One of the core elements of the Assassins Creed games is freedom of movement with parkour. For those of you who are quick and stable on their feet, the next time you head out free running, wear your Assassins Creed Hoodie!

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