Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto 2013 Pageant Winner

The pageant industry is one tough industry to get into or to dedicate yourself to. It is all about the physical beauty of one, fashion, talent and sometimes-even intelligence of an individual. Mandy Liang had it all and therefore she is now known as Mandy Liang miss Chinese Toronto pageant winner of 2013. There is a difference between beauty pageants when you’re young and when you are older. For example, when you’re younger, you are judged based on your fashion so for example gowns, sportswear modeling, talent acts and as well as personal interviews. When you are older you need to have the full package such as beauty, intelligence and the talent. For the pageant industry, the older individuals who participate are seen as role models from the young ones therefore that is why having the full package is important based on the judges at the pageant show. You get judged on every little aspect possible in order to be crowned the miss something of that particular pageant. Pageants are for all ages and there are mainly women who are interested in such beauty contests but men are also allowed.

mandy 2

Mandy Liang miss Chinese Toronto tries to explain her journey towards her title. She explains about how difficult it truly is since people are constantly judging you and telling you what to do. If you have a pageant coach, then they are telling you to do something that they think is best in order to make sure that you win what you came to win. The award that you want is the crown. You always want the biggest crown or the only crown and as well as bonds and cash prizes that are also given at pageants. Mandy Liang miss Chinese Toronto mentioned a couple awards that you can win other than those already mentioned, you can receive sashes, scholarships and when you are younger, sometimes you receive toys that are extremely expensive and rare to find.

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