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Major Role Played By Phenolic Compounds Found In Canadian Maple Syrup

Phyto Chemicals In Maple Syrup:

Maple Syrup is extremely delicious and healthy alternative to caned, refined sugar. It is used in several recipes and on tables as well. Many people in North America have been using a wide range of Maple Tree products including sap for treating various health problems. Today, a wide range of plant derived components are used in medicines. As numerous phyto-chemicals and plant products are present in maple syrup, this could be used for treating various diseases. A lot of researches have been done on this Canadian Maple Syrup and is found out that it contains more 50 phyto chemicals that play a vital role in ensuring better health condition. Among these phyto chemicals, the phenolic compounds are more prevalent.

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Phenolic Compounds:

Another report says that Maple Syrup contains around twenty three phenolics and some of them include cinnamic acid, vanillin, flavonoid, etc. These phenolic compounds are known to have antioxidant properties. Some of the isolates from this syrup is also known to have antioxidant activity which is similar to the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C. The phenolic extracts are known to have anti proliferative and anti mutagenic effects on human cancer cells. It is also found out that, the maple syrup has the ability of treating, preventing and alleviating various types of cancers.

The composition of maple syrup and the components found in sap play a vital role in ensuring potential health benefits to the consumers. Among a wide range of phenolic compounds, Quebecol 16 is the most popular compound found in this syrup. It has a structure as that of natural phenolics found in Maple syrup having antioxidant activity. This syrup is versatile enough that they can be consumed as it is or along with recipes. When you search online you will find many recipe ideas that can be prepared with this maple syrup.

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