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Finally, it happened! Every single woman dreams about having stylish and beautiful haircut every morning, without any efforts, and guess what? You dream came true! Hollywood is captured by new “bed” hair fashion. You don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to make your naughty hair look nice. Laziness wins. Last days we saw a lot of celebrities, walking down the red carpet or strolling along fashion shows with absolutely messy hairstyle. No, it is not because stylists do their job badly, just the opposite! Today is fashionable being in public with a look like you literally just rolled out of bed, mussed your hair a bit with fingers, and then went about your day. It may sound weird, but it looks wonderful! Of course it doesn’t really 100 % “sleep and go” hairstyle, nevertheless at natural hair salon nyc we have gathered three amazing looks that can change our understanding of hairstyling.


The first one who did it was Jessica Alba at the Yves Saint Laurent fall 2016 show. Her “imperfect” hairstyle made her look absolutely chic and sophisticated at the same time. We can guess that her stylist used some texturising hair spray and, probably, a little teasing was involved. Deep rose lipstick completed the whole image and made it look integral.

One more “lazy star” is Zendaya. She wears a shaggy pixie like cut. We could not but mention that her new blonde hair color looks incredibly beautiful. Probably, there is no possible color shade she couldn’t embrace.


And the last, but not the least model Dree Hemingway.  Her blonde locks are wonderfully mismanaged. If you want to have the same look, it is important to start with special hair mousse and comb your hair nice. Shake it a little with fingers and leave for 5 minutes. Such a trick will give the hair a matte finish rather than a shiny one.

So, now you know how to style your hair fast and stay in trend! What are you waiting for? Hurryupandlooklike a Hollywoodstar.

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