Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Fictional Character Leather Jacket

Published and developed by Square Enix, Kingdom Heartsrefers to role-playing games with a series of crossover action. Disney Interactive Studios and Square Enix join forces to bring an exciting role playing game known as Kingdom Hearts.In the Kingdom Hearts video game series, Organization 13 refers to 13 heartless characters called the“Nobodies.”


The story of Organization 13 from Kingdom Hearts,revolves around the plot an unnamed organization kidnaps 35 children from all the ninja nations and transform them into complete militias. All of them underwent hell, and only 13 of them survived, and 10 years later, only one returned to Earth alive from the organization. Ansem the Wise was the leader, who led a group of scientists to form Organization 13. The apprentice team members Ienzo, Braig, Dilan, Even, and Aeleus, who were headed by Xehanort. Ansem the Wise want to regain control of his lost memories and thus relies on Xehanort for initiating human heart tests. However, soon Ansem comes to there alization that Xehanortownsphenomenalpowers that could lead him to trouble and hence closedowndue to thepossibility of life-threateningconsequences.


Even through Ansemorders to shutdown, yet the desire of knowledge was never extinguished among the six apprentices. They were so obsessively involved, they decided to conduct experiments on their own in various fields of study. They are finally able to discover the “Heartless” beings, the individuals who have darkness in their hearts. Xehanort broke down the walls and allowed his men to travel between them. However, Xehanortmen’s desire and greed for knowledgeled to his own downfall leading him to abandon his body and transforming into heartless. However, the other five heartless characters were born soon after. Once all of them became existent, together, they expelled Ansem to a Realm of Darkness.


The hallmark of Kingdom of Hearts, Organization 13 is its Organization 13 Coat worn by every heartless member, whether male or a female. The purpose of Organization XiiiBlackCoatis to ensure that the heartless members must avoid corruption once their hearts grow. Organization Xiii Coatcomprises of a leather jacket with a hoodie and includes silver beaded pull strings and a silver zipperpattern.If you are anOrganization Xiii fan of and want to get asnobbish andextraordinaryappearance, Black Leather Jacket is your number one shopping destination that provides you anexact replica of Kingdom Hearts Riku Organization 13 coat.

Everybody in this world wants to have an appeal unmatched from the rest. Thus to provide with a rakish sensibility,Organization 13 Coatfrom Kingdom Heartsis a must for everyone.Itwill definitely bring out the dark side and rock your style byproviding you a definitive persona.Crafted from superior real (cow hide) andfaux leather, this coat is ideal to try out. Even if you have looks to die for, you can boost your appearance by having this black coat from Organization 13. At the end of the day, your style statement matters the most and can make a long-lasting impression amongst your friends.

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