Kids Led shoes Spice Up that Boring Outfit for School

Holidays are almost here and every student wishes to have the latest and most amazing outfit to wear at their school. These days, students can pair up brand new USB sneakers along with their boring outfit to jazz it up. These shoes are all the rage these days because they can make anyone look cool and trendy.

One can find such light up sneakers at online websites or at local mall kiosks because of their popularity. However, these LED lights tend to fade once their battery is all drained. In such situations, you need to charge the batteries of the shoes. This article talks all about new kids LED shoes and how to charge the batteries.


Different Varieties of Kids LED Shoes

kids wears are available in a wide variety because of their increasing popularity and various brands are coming up with innovations in this category. Here are the most popular LED shoes of this year.

  • Gold shoes – if you wish to go for metallic shoes then the best option for you are the gold LED shoes. These have a metallic reflective gold upper with LED lights on the sole to enhance its look. Perfect for any metallic or yellow outfits.
  • Pink shoes – most girls usually like the color pink and hence they can go for the pink LED shoes. They’re a classic design which coupled up with pink flashing lights are an instant hit.
  • Studded shoes – if you wish to go to the next level then you can buy the studded kids LED shoes. These usually have various kinds of studs on the top and on the sides. These particular shoes are phenomenal at parties especially when the lights are in flashing mode.
  • Patent leather shoes – These kind of light up shoes are the best because they can go with any occasion from formal to party to casual. These are made of patent leather, which is extremely shiny.

How to Charge Light up Shoes

Each men’s shoes has its own USB port much like a cell phone. You simply plug in each shoe into the USB cable and use any car/wall/computer USB port to become charging the shoes. Usually a full charge will consist of about 2-3 hours and the shoes can last over six hours of flashing time.

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