How To Match Your Boots With The Current Weather

Many people think that boots are only worn during certain occasions. Their covered design often makes seem like they serve the sole purpose of protecting the feet and the lower thighs from various kinds of risks. But over time, boots have evolved into trendy fashion pieces, and nowadays it is common to wear them at any time of the day.

If you are to look into history, boots were made to keep the feet warm and protected against cold and moisture. Sure, they still commit to this objective, but oftentimes boots are now worn to establish a certain signature style.

Are you thinking about wearing a pair of boots sometime? If yes but your problem is how to choose the right booties, then these tips may be of great help:

  1. Boots in lightweight fabrics during the summer months

It can be very hot during the summer, and your feet don’t like that. When in closed shoes, they sweat more, feel restless, and become more susceptible to muscle strain. While these issues are common, these are the same things you don’t want to experience when wearing booties during the summer, right?

Boots that are made of faux pas leather, leather, felt, and suede are the ideal types of boots to be worn during the summer. These fabrics are breathable and allow more movement for the feet from the inside, and this allows you to achieve greater foot mobility as well.

Summer is also the time to flaunt your boot fashion as fancy booties can last the day without getting dirty. You may then wear boots with fringes and other styles depending on your fashion sense.


  1. Leather and suede work best during the colder times of the year

Leather and suede are among the most versatile shoe fabrics. In the case of booties, these fabrics can be used during both hot and cold seasons. During the colder months, these shoe fabrics keep the feet warm and not be exposed to blisters, while during the hotter months, these are used as fashion accessories.

Leather boots are also matched with garments that also keep the rest of the body warm, such as denims. Meanwhile boots made of suede are so thick, air from the external environment will not penetrate into these pieces.

  1. Boots to wear during the rainy days

Rubber boots are specially designed not to meet current fashion and style trends, but protect the feet from water and moisture. These boots tend to be heavy and squeaky sometimes, but they are very useful when walking on wet and muddy streets since they keep your feet from getting wet.

While some people like the idea of wearing rubber boots to promote a particular fashion style, you may not always find them practical to sport during dry weather. Thus, if you are the kind who wears shoes for a specific purpose, then this is the rule to follow.

On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of rubber material, then you may opt for boots made of synthetic fibre. These boots are also waterproof and offer the same style as leather and rubber, and are equally durable too. They also tend to be more affordable compared to pure fabrics as well.

  1. Other types of boots during colder climates

Aside from leather and suede boots, you may also want to wear fur (faux pas fur) boots during the colder months of the year. Unlike leather and suede, furry boots have better cushioning, thus they are able to keep your feet warm while outdoors.

Boots are often paired with leg warmers during this season, but if you also want to keep your legs protected from the cold, you may go for boots that cover up to the knees or inner thighs.

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