How to choose fancy colored diamonds

When you are buying fancy colored diamonds, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Pure and perfect diamonds have no color at all, but this kind of diamonds do not occur naturally. Diamonds typically have some kind of chemical or structural flaw that gives them color. Diamonds can come in gray, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, gray, or black. The rarest color in diamonds is red. The range of diamond color between white to white with a yellow tinge is measured by a scale of D to Z. Diamonds that are too yellow or fall outside the range of yellow are not included in this scale.

Figure out the color you want

Now that you’re aware that diamonds have a wide variety of colors, you should also take note that a single color can vary in intensity. A fancy colored diamond can be graded as fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, and fancy vivid. Fancy vivid diamonds are very rare and expensive. When you buy fancy colored diamonds, it would be better if you see the diamond in person and in proper lighting so you can see the diamond’s actual color. What you would also need to be aware of is that colored diamonds can be quite rare, and you would need to look in a lot of shops and businesses to find the color you want.


Cut and clarity are important

Buying fancy colored diamonds is different from buying white diamonds. The cut of a diamond can also affect the color. The bigger the diamond, the deeper the pavilion, the more intense the color can be. Mixed cut styles like the radiant cut can improve the color and increase the price per carat of the diamond.

Meanwhile, the Gemological Institute of America’s clarity grading for white diamonds is the same for fancy colored diamonds. The clarity of a colored diamond does not factor much into the price, because the color can hide imperfections and flaws.

Study up on pricing

Pricing for fancy colored diamonds can be a little more complicated than pricing for white diamonds. Also, the prices of colored diamond are more prone to larger inflation. This is because very few stores sell colored diamonds, so they have very little competition. This means that before you buy fancy colored diamonds, you need to look at a lot of stores and compare their prices. You should visit MID House of diamonds official website to check their inventory also.

Check the diamond’s certificate

You also need to verify that your diamond’s color is natural, and not treated. Laboratories are able to apply high pressure and heat on colored diamonds in order to coax out a different color. Lab-treated fancy colored diamonds are a lot cheaper than diamonds with natural colors, so you would need to verify your diamond’s credentials. To do this, you can ask sellers to show you a certificate from GIA or other reputable gemology laboratories. Buying fancy colored diamonds can be complicated and a little frustrating, but it can be worth it once you find a colored diamond that you love.

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