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You can find most colors and creativity in Indian wedding dresses. Indian brides, bridesmaids, groom and groom men wear colorful and traditional dresses in wedding. Along with it, the brides and bridesmaids wear heavy jewelry and accessories in wedding ceremony. The Indian weddings are totally different from other weddings. It is done very traditionally. You will have a unique experience in Indian weddings. Different types of rituals are needed to be performed in Indian wedding. For this both the bride and bridegroom have to dress up in a traditional way. Being in USA, it is quite difficult to know much about Indian weddings.

For brides

Indian brides have to wear traditional sari or a lehenga which should be of red or maroon color. Red color is considered to be the color of love that is why most of the people wear red colored dresses on their wedding. Popular fabrics for Indian wedding include crepe silk, brocade, tulle and georgette.  Designer wedding lehengas are more expensive than wedding sarees. You can buy wedding sarees online USA also as their demand has increased all over the world. 

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In South India, Kanjivaram sarees add beauty to the brides. The bright hues, dazzling colors, and best quality fabric make kanjivaram sarees most appropriate for the brides. These sarees are made of pure kanchipuram silk. You can see Indian textile heritage in Kanjivaram silk sarees. These sarees are designed with gold threadwork. Kanjivaram sarees have vibrant shades which provide an attractive look. Designer patterns and zari embroidery add uniqueness to the kanjivaram sarees. These sarees are considered to be as India’s one of the most elegant attires because of their ethnic look and traditional handwork. Kanjivaram saree designs display animal characters especially parrot and peacock. Along with it these sarees are also designed with traditional patterns and pleasing tribal designs. Nowadays, these sarees also have modern and contemporary patterns and designs to fulfill the market’s present demands. The gorgeous look of kanjivaram silk sarees best highlights Indian bride’s beauty. The best part of this saree is that even if you wear minimal, still you will look elegant and beautiful. Gold jewelry looks best with kanjivaram sarees. Together they provide the most elegant and gorgeous look. On special occasions you can wear these sarees.

For groom

Indian grooms usually wear sherwani on their wedding. Popular color choices include red, golden and maroon. Sherwani is like a long coat which is worn over the Kurt. These are made of heavy fabrics. Sherwani has button on its front. Sherwanis provide a classy look as well it makes your appearance attractive. Most of the grooms prefer sherwanis. Even if you are not the groom but you are going to attend Indian wedding, you can wear sherwani.

Buy online

You can buy south Indian wedding sarees online and you can buy wedding lehengas also. Along with it men’s wedding suits and dresses are also available online. Being in USA, you can easily buy any Indian wedding dress online. These dresses are available at reasonable prices.

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