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Your look influences on your mood and on other people’s mood, it is well known fact. If you go for a walk and see people that are dressed in dirty clothes or that have dirty hair, you will feel uncomfortable and your mood will change if it was good earlier. Of course it is the worst situation that I could imagine, but it happens in real life. But now we talk about ourselves, if we will be bad dressed, we will feel bad and non-confident.

First that I wanna say is “Don’t ever leave the house in an outfit or a piece of clothing that you don’t love”. If you are not sure about your sheer slim dress, if it looks good on you or not, don’t wear it. Life is too short to order food of a menu that you don’t like, life is too short to date people that you don’t like, and of course life is too short to wear clothes that you don’t like.

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A very important thing is to wear clothes that are of YOUR size, ok? You know, if you are a very small girl, it’s really hard for you to find clothes that actually fit. Just go to a tailor, it will not cost you a lot.

Simple is sometimes the best dresses for the way to success. Buy these simple basic clothes, maybe they should be expensive, but they will look good all the times. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear super trendy and fashionable pieces, I just wanna say that classic is always on top.

The next thing is not to buy items that aren’t of your style. If you are that glamourous girl who loves to shine bright like a diamond, you will feel bad in simple casual dresses and a grey sweaters. And if you are that kind of girl who only loves Netflix and chill, you will feel absolutely uncomfortable in a v-neck mini dress, I’m sure. You should just find something you really love, a thing, that will be good for you personally.

One more mistake that ruins your confidence is not to highlight your better sides. We all have something that we love about our bodies. If you have a nice chest or a really nice butt, just highlight it and feel confident and beautiful.

A very important thing is a makeup. If you have perfect skin, bright eyes and lips, if you don’t have dark circles, of course you can go to work or to a date without any cosmetics if you like it. I don’t tell you to do contouring like Kin Kardashian or use liner and red lipstick every day. You can put a little blushing on your cheeks and a little bit of mascara on your eyelashes, that’s all, you will look more fresh and you will fell so, I guarantee.

I hope this article was useful for you. So love yourself and love what you wear!

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