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Eyelash extension: Getting inside the process and its alternatives

It is been rightly exclaimed by many persons that the eyes are the most beautiful portion of a woman’s body. The women are also very peculiar and attentive towards the look of their eyes. These days, a variety of makeup products are available for you that can help you to make your eyes look dazzling. One of the most important eye-care products that is used by the women is the eyelash extension gel or the mascara. The younique makeup is quite trending in the market as it gives a perfect 3-D extension to your eyelashes to make you look better and more powerful.

Various beauticians can also help you with a wide range of eye-lash extension services that they offer to you from the semi permanent eye-lash extension to the temporary ones. But you need to be careful and have some cautions before getting an eyelash extension. Here are those precautions explained to assist you:

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  • Make sure that there is absolutely no dirt, oil or any other thing on your eyelashes as it must be completely clean.
  • After the procedure, you must restrain washing your face for atleast 4 hours.
  • At the same time, you must also avoid the use of mascara for as long as possible and if the need is evident, you can use the water mascaras like the younique mascara.

But the use of artificial or semi-permanent eye lash extensions can sometimes be not the best choice as it can cause subtle damage to your eyelashes. You can revert to the use of serums, mascara or injections for achieving a better and dignified look. Some of these products can even help you to increase your eyelashes by more than 400% which will take your looks to a whole new level.

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