Extensions Add More Than Just Length

When talking hair extensions, most women immediately think of the expense, as they have long been regarded as a costly accessory. Well I am happy to inform you that those days are well behind us, with most hair salons offering reasonably priced hair extensions. Their popularity has risen and with the wide range of styling options they introduce, they are perfect for that special occasion.

Add volume to your hair

Apart from the obvious length that extensions bring, they also provide that extra body, so if you are looking for human hair extensions in Perth, there are many reputable salons that provide this service. The perfect solution for dull hair, hair extensions are applied to the real hair ends, platted together, then painted with a layer of bonding solution. Finally, a heat-sealing clamp is used to seal the extension to the hair. Extensions are available in just about any colour, texture or length, to give you a wider range of styling options.


A job for the professionals

Applying hair extensions is skilled work and should never be attempted on one’s own. A top quality hair salon is equipped to carry out this time consuming operation, with trained stylists who have experience with hair extension treatment.


Hair extension life expectancy

Most people will have extensions for short periods but if the work done properly, a set of human hair extensions will last for about four months, when the bonding solution ceases to work. An ideal way to instantly achieve that long-haired look, they are very popular with women of all ages.

Extension after care

Hair extensions are washed and treated the same as regular hair, with some wear associated with regular washing, which looks perfectly natural. By using high quality hair products, you can extend the life of your attachments.


The advantages of hair extensions

If applied by a professional, hair extensions have many benefits including,

  • An instant new look that is easy to care for once it has been applied.
  • You can add colours or beads at any time, changing your look whenever you wish.
  • You can have that long hair feel without having to wait for natural growth.
  • Hair extensions cover up split ends, with many women frequently dying their hair, which is one of the main causes of split ends.

Clip on extensions

This is the latest way to change your look and with a range of colours, textures, and lengths, the sky is the limit. The ease of attaching clip on extensions gives a woman that no commitment option, and is ideal for those who like to frequently change their style.


No hair damage

Unlike the heat-sealing process with regular hair extensions, clip on attachments do not damage the hair, also they can easily be removed,so they are ideal for that special occasion.Whatever your type of hair, adding extensions offers you a multitude of style options, with colour and texture to match. Change your image in an instant with this innovative hair design solution.


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