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Effects of the lack of collagen in body

Collagen is the most plentiful protein in human body and it helps to hold the whole body organs together. It is usually found in muscles, skin, tendons and bones where it makes a scaffold for providing structure and strength. Collagen that is synthesized by human body plays an important role in health. Plenty of health problems arise when body lacks natural collagen. Collagen supplements are used for curing these health problems. Supplemental collagen is mostly used for cosmetic and medical purposes. They help to repair and heel the body tissues.

Best hydrolyzed collagen supplements are now available in market and online also. Hydrolyzed collagen is easily soluble in water and hence it is easy to consume. Most of the people nowadays prefer hydrolyzed collagen to cure health problems.

Most of the organs in the human body are composed of the collagen. It gives elasticity and flexibility to your skin. It is an important part of your connective tissues, gums, ligaments, blood vessels and muscles. Therefore, when there is lack of collagen in your body, it can result in improper functioning of the organs.

Lack of collagen can result in the development of deep lines and wrinkles on your skin especially on face. Dermis comprises of 70% of the collagen. That is why lack of collagen can cause skin problems like age spots, large and visible pores, saggy skin, etc.

Collagen production in the body declines with the increasing age. Moreover, it is also reduced due to exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. Lack of collagen can lead to weakening of muscles and cartilages in joints. Collagen helps to maintain the water balance in your skin. It also helps to keep your hairs healthy. Lack of collagen may lead to excessive hair fall.

Collagen supplements are used in cosmetic creams and lotions especially in anti ageing creams. Collagen pills are used as medication for curing the health problems which arises due to lack of collagen in body.

Eat food that increase collagen level

There are some foods that are helpful in increasing the production of collagen in your body like oranges, salmon, cheese, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, butternut squash, chickpeas, whole eggs, sunflower seeds, etc. Oranges are good source of vitamin C which is essential for production of collagen inside the body. Tomatoes contain lycopene which helps in the production of collagen. Garlic contains minerals like sulfur which help to rebuild the damaged collagen.

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