Do you have an interest in jewellery?

If you share an interest in jewellery then we have something very special for you because in this article we will talk about things that will interest you a lot. Jewelleries are known to be the best friend of women but in reality they are much more than that. We consider them to be a subject of study. It is something that is very near to an art form. It has its own glorified history, magnificent diversity and in depth design schools. All these make it an extensive field of study. Our objective of this article is not to study the whole field of jewellery, as it would take tremendous amount of time, but rather to study only few aspects of it in great detail.

handmade artisan jewelry by JesMaHarry

The first aspect that we want to study in this article is the piece called jewellery design. Now what is very important to understand is that jewellery design is a subject in itself and it take years to get some hold of it. In order to understand jewellery design, we need to understand few basic concepts of it. It is important to note here that basic concepts of jewellery design are no different from that of design in general. It follows the same basic principles such as that the design should be simple, elegant and lucid. Hence, if you have even remote knowledge of design then you will be in a better position to appreciate jewellery design.

The next aspect that we want to touch is that jewellery pricing. Jewelleries can be classified into two different categories. First id the metal jewellery and the other one is the non-metal or accessorize category. Metal jewellery pricing is divided into two parts. This means that price of any metal jewellery is made up two parts. The price of the metal, which is a commodity, is the first part and the making charges are the second part. Price of the metal is very important in this segment it forms almost 95% percent of the cost and has almost no profit for the seller. It is the making charges which has manufacturer’s margin included in itself. Non Metal jewellery is primarily made up on non-precious metals and hence their metal cost is not very significant. One important aspect of jewellery design is the personalization that you can do with it.

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