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Let us take a glance at the current global market condition of original maple syrup-

100 per cent original premium quality maple syrup is hardly available in the international market. Obtaining one of such has now become an onerous task. As such there is a heavy crisis prevailing globally. To fill up this abyss, manufacturers and several companies have started marketing forged products. Some are marketed as “pancake syrups” while others are labelled as maple flavoured. With so many imitations gaining prominence, one needs to have an eagle’s eye and ought to be very lucky to get original maple syrup.

Now let us explore the various reasons of its scarcity-

  1. The small area of production

Only a minimal patch of land is engaged in the production of maple syrup out of which the USA is a minor supplier. The bulk supplies are provided by the Canadian prefectures Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

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  1. The even smaller season of production

Maple season is the name by which the season of tapping of the maple trees is popular. This season has an extremely short span of existence. It starts when the spring dawns upon the land and thereafter stays only for a couple of weeks. During these few weeks the maple trees are tapped at their centres to pool their sap and later process it into the famous maple syrup.

Maple syrup direct and its role in the eviction of the crisis-

A Canada based online company, maple syrup direct, manufactures 100 per cent guaranteed original and high quality maple syrup and products made from it such as maple butter, maple candies and lot more. They deliver their products at all part of the world without giving any trouble to their customers. Thus, by shopping at maple syrup direct you can order your favourites and get them delivered globally at any location without any hassle.

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