Choosing the Contacts of the Right Colour

While we used to invest into quality contact lenses only once our eye vision became impaired, today the reality is slightly different. Not only can contacts help you improve your eyesight, but they can also offer you a completely new look. Considering that they come in various colours, you have an opportunity to change your eye colour from hazel to sky blue after just one shopping spree. However, it’s essential that you know a couple of important facts before you decide to change your eye colour.

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Try them out

Even though the idea of wearing coloured contact lenses may seem wonderful, you need to make sure you can actually wear them. Not everyone can handle the feeling of having something in your eye and otherscan’t stand the fact that they need to mess around their eyes each day when putting the contacts in or taking them out. Therefore, it’s essential that you visit a practitioner and try out various lenses. This is the perfect opportunity to see if a certain colour is right for you or not and you’ll also get the idea of how it would feel to wear them constantly.

Eye colour and skin tone

Numerous factors will affect your final choice. First, you should consider the colour of your eyes. Light eyes can be enhanced with contact lenses that define the edges of your iris and deepen the natural colour of your eyes. Contact lenses in grey and green can be the perfect alternative to blue eyes, since they won’t make a significant and dramatic change. Light brown contacts, on the other hand, would offer you a more unexpected look, and appear dramatic if your natural eye colour is blue, and your skin fair. If you have a warmer skin tone with yellow or gold undertone, you should look for honey, hazel, light brown or green contact lenses online to get that beautiful look. If you have darker eyes, and you don’t want the change to be over the top,try out hazel or honey brown contact lenses. On the other hand, violet, green and blue would really make your eyes pop.

Hair colour

Furthermore, the colour of your hair is also a significant factor that will help you decide which contacts suit you best. Brunettes could have a difficult time deciding on just one colour, because any hue would look flattering. Darker lenses are the best choice for blond and light-haired people, but beige and grey can be flattering as well. Bright blue and emerald green lenses would be a great choice for platinum blondes. Blue-black and other cool-toned blacks contrast purple contacts perfectly. Brown lenses, on the other hand, will offer a more natural look. If you have a prominent hair colour, such as pink, blue or purple, it’s best if you pick single-tone brown or black contacts to avoid having two vivid features highlighted.

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Custom made tinted coloured lenses

For those who’d like to have a unique look, customized lenses may be the best choice. Some manufacturers can create lenses in a variety of colours and of various densities. These lenses tend to be semi-translucent, and offer a truly natural look. They can perfectly hide an eye injury or a defect, making your pupil look uninjured.

Final thoughts

Contact lenses are perfect for improving your eyesightand can offer a unique physical appearance as well. With a myriad of different colours, you can now have green, blue or grey eyes whenever you want to and enjoy a different look from time to time. Just make sure you visit a practitioner first, to get an adequate prescription and see if you’ll be comfortable with wearing contacts.

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