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Flower Prints on the Bridal Gown

Article written by Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai

Basic Variations For several seasons in a row, podiums of the main European fashion capitals present original and bright floral print attires. Currently this trend is especially manifested in the wedding industry. Flower print is almost everywhere: in wedding dresses, shoes and different accessories (bugs, jewelry etc.). Floral print makes the bride’s image even more gentle, romantic and sensitive.

For meeting requirements of even the most demanding ladies, the designers have managed to manufacture a wide range of attires with floral print. A bridal gown in floral print looks intriguing, elegant and very gentle. Such attire is especially suitable for wedding celebration in some particular style. For instance, you can wear such dress on wedding party that is held in forest, in the park zone or somewhere in the country. Exquisite “flower” dress is an excellent choice the bride, which knows all novelties in the fashion industry! If you want to find a dress, which will surprise and amaze all guests, you definitely have to choose floral wedding dress. White Printed Bridal Gown

Tentative model to the bridal gown in classic style is a white bridal gown with an exquisite white print. This attire combines the newest trends of fashion sphere as well as adherence to the oldest traditions! Bridal Gown with a Colored Print White bridal gown with bright color print is a daring variant. Brides are offered a wide spectrum of palette, which includes both very bright and soft designs. A strong classical snow-white color accompanied by red, blue and details of other colors will accentuate the real bride’s nature. Bridal Gown Made of Mixed Fabrics Wedding attire, which combines several kinds of materials is a very interesting choice. Monophonic fabric is perfectly suit motley patterned cloth. In most cases, such dresses are lush and multilayered, but airy at the same time. Bridal Gowns Totally

Printed with Flowers

Extravagant or just bright ladies should choose a bridal gown, whose print is totally floral. Such dresses’ styles have many variants: you can find classic ball dress, an empire dress, a dress in vintage or Barbie styles and so on. Accentuation a fashionable flower based print as well as applique can adorn the whole outfit in whole or its separate part. For instance, your décolleté area can be printed. It is considered piquant and seductive detail. Applique of flowers located on the dress’s skirt is more sensitive and romantic variant. Printed floor-length train will look very elegant. Besides, floral print will accentuate the bride’s waist zone.

Short Wedding Dresses – a Good Choice for Summer Wedding

What’s old is new again. Short wedding dresses, which were popular in the middle of XX century, now, gain popularity and become one of the modern trends in wedding fashion. 

Some Historical Facts
The first short wedding dress was created by Coco Chanel – a legend woman in the world fashion industry. Its length was slightly below the knees, it was designed with ruffles and corrugation, and looked quite modest and elegant. Since its appearance, a short wedding dress has been taking strong positions in the wedding fashion, over the years, changing, sometimes shocking and impressing. For some time, it has been unjustly forgotten, and now it precipitously regains lost popularity.

For what Body Type Short Bridal Dress is Suitable? 
You should think about a short wedding dress, if you:
1) are slim and not tall;
2) like dancing;
3) have beautiful legs;
4) want to have a wedding in retro style.

Types of Short Bridal Dresses 
Short wedding dresses are different. First of all they differ in length: mini, short, knee and below the knee. You can choose an ultra-short bridal dress, a romantic dress with length just below the knees, or a short dress in baby-doll style. In any case, you will be the original bride.
There is an option for doubting brides – a dress with asymmetrical length. The dress will be short in front, while having a long back and even a tail. Thus, on the one hand you’ll give a tribute to tradition, but on the other hand you will not betray your worldview and style. In addition, there is another option – a dress with a skirt that can be easily removed.

Two Wedding Dress Option
If your budget allows it, you can fulfill your dream by buying two wedding dresses. The first one should be traditionally long for ceremony in the church. The second dress should be a short version of the first one, you can use it for a wedding party. Try to select them in the same style, with similar details and ornaments, in order to preserve the integrity of your look.

Accessories for Short Bridal Dress
Short wedding dress allows you to use a wide range of accessories. Different elements are suitable for different dresses styles. They can be: a wide-brimmed hat, a bowler hat, Coco Chanel necklaces, a long wedding veil, a white clutch bag, long gloves, a light air scarf etc. As for shoes, in most cases it is better to give preference to elegant sandals. In some cases, ankle boots or shoes will be ideal. Ultra-short bridal dress can be ideally complemented with over-the-knee white boots.

Wedding photography – preserve the lifetime memory

Wedding day memories are meant to capture for the life time. You look for the professional wedding photographers who can capture brilliant photos and guide you to give the excellent poses. Some of the photographers may offer you with the mixture of wedding photography styles. You can simply discuss about the photo styles and capture your special wedding day in the different styles. You may have heard about the different wedding photography styles such as photo journalism, and reportage styles. The photographers efficiently guide you to maintain life time wedding memory to make you feel special.


Wedding photographer captures the life time precious moments using the various techniques. You can have the choices for candid photography and traditional portraits. You can go through the wedding magazines and expert advices for the perfect shot.

Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is the idea to make a collection of wedding films which are created by the videographers. The main process involves the story telling process recorded before and after the wedding event. It involves whole journey when the couple met to the final day of the wedding. The audio track is added for the dramatic effects and emotions in a story line.

Wedding instant print

The professionals capture of beautiful and memorable live photos for you and your guests. The use of the lights through the most creative ways creates fascinating and memorable captures. Before the printing of the photos you may also do messaging and branding through them.

Wedding animation

The love story of the couples is animated in the video with the creative and high quality presentation. This unique idea is the common attraction for the couple and you feel fun and happiness doing this. The clear voice and visual story telling with the sketches of the character brings smile on everyone faces and it’s truly fantastic.

Fresh Collection of Wedding Sarees to Buy with Great Discount

Weeding becomes memorable moment among the people and it ever forgets in their lifetime. To make wedding as colorful, just go with the trendy and amazing saree, which bring amazing look on you in front of the wedding hall. To find out massive collection of the online wedding sarees just hire the online which best place to find out the new arrival. They have lot of experience in provide the wedding sarees so they assure the wedding saree will bring the grace and happens on you and your family. Additionally, they offer the friendly service and offer the fine quality for the customer so it will be more comfortable for the customer. The draping styles are like blouses, sub-continent as upper garments. The sarees are wearing as everyday special occasion garments based the models, and it made with type of fabric, which deliver the great comfort for the customer.

saree 1

Then it makes with simpler designs and less effective fabric is wearing of daily life. Therefore, it offers the additional comfort for the women to wear. This made with georgette silk and chiffon with special designs worn for some special kind of occasions. In online purchasing of sarees in online to save your money and less time to take, the shopping process and many benefits provided for the customers. Now you can find out number of the lightweight and grand sarees with the amazing stonework and design work, which give hand for the women. Over the online store, you can find out number of saree with the great discount, which step up to save large amount of buying. On buying such the saree, you can view the terms and conditions, which let to go with better choice of buying the good and beautiful sarees.

They deliver the stonework wedding sarees with the blouses, which surely meet your entire major requirement so it will be more comfortable for the buyer to access wedding saree on the same day with no risk. Over the online store, you can go with the different mode of payment, which is 100% secure with the current algorithm, which make to meet any problem over payment, it offers customer support which to clear the major doubts by the experience customer staffs. It offers the free deliver service and offers the great festival discount, which step up to cut down the cost of buying the saree over the online. Over the online store, you can find out special tag for the wedding saree, which hold the massive collection with the different range of price. Therefore, the customer can simply go with wish color and style to pick sarees and can save their divorce. On each wedding saree, it offers the gift voucher and other discount, which will be easy to cut down major cost of the shopping. Therefore, you have to go with the online wedding sarees and pick best color by spending your won time. On wearing such wedding saree, you will get stunning look on you and your face get grace.

Avail the best car hire services for wedding

It is believed that wedding is the most important and illustrious event of your life and for that matter of everyone’s life. Wedding is one such event where every aspect of preparation is looked in detail and the best of everything is arranged to make it a memorable and the best day of your life. One such aspect is transportation service for your marriage procession which should be nothing less than an extra ordinary affair because it is a matter of pride “your marriage”.

Opting for service of a wedding car hire is a popular trend these days and every groom wants that his marriage and every aspect of the marriage is best to detail. People nowadays have become more conscious of their status and cars which are luxurious certainly reflect their status and class.

wed car 3

They are many car renting companies which also provide wedding cars for hire and you can always visit these agencies to book cars for your wedding. A good car renting agency is one which has wide variety of cars to provide from and allows you to make a choice between best of the cars presently available in the market.

Few basic points which you can consider for a better car hiring experience for your wedding-

  • If you are an old school kind of guy and prefer vintage cars than you can certainly look for vintage car hire to give a royal feel to your wedding procession.
  • Some people prefer going in a caravan for their wedding, to ensure this you can always choose cars of same models.
  • Always go for cars which are new and well maintained because it is your wedding day and you would not want to compromise on any aspect or quality.

It is highly advisable that you select a reputed company for your wedding car hire because you would not want any trouble on the day of your wedding.