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Do you have an interest in jewellery?

If you share an interest in jewellery then we have something very special for you because in this article we will talk about things that will interest you a lot. Jewelleries are known to be the best friend of women but in reality they are much more than that. We consider them to be a subject of study. It is something that is very near to an art form. It has its own glorified history, magnificent diversity and in depth design schools. All these make it an extensive field of study. Our objective of this article is not to study the whole field of jewellery, as it would take tremendous amount of time, but rather to study only few aspects of it in great detail.

handmade artisan jewelry by JesMaHarry

The first aspect that we want to study in this article is the piece called jewellery design. Now what is very important to understand is that jewellery design is a subject in itself and it take years to get some hold of it. In order to understand jewellery design, we need to understand few basic concepts of it. It is important to note here that basic concepts of jewellery design are no different from that of design in general. It follows the same basic principles such as that the design should be simple, elegant and lucid. Hence, if you have even remote knowledge of design then you will be in a better position to appreciate jewellery design.

The next aspect that we want to touch is that jewellery pricing. Jewelleries can be classified into two different categories. First id the metal jewellery and the other one is the non-metal or accessorize category. Metal jewellery pricing is divided into two parts. This means that price of any metal jewellery is made up two parts. The price of the metal, which is a commodity, is the first part and the making charges are the second part. Price of the metal is very important in this segment it forms almost 95% percent of the cost and has almost no profit for the seller. It is the making charges which has manufacturer’s margin included in itself. Non Metal jewellery is primarily made up on non-precious metals and hence their metal cost is not very significant. One important aspect of jewellery design is the personalization that you can do with it.

Care and Cleaning for Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are extremely soft so they need special care. Never should they just be thrown on top of or next to any other gems in your jewelry box. Jewelry made with pearls need to be stored in a jewelry pouch.

Absorb acid

The skin of some women is more acid that others. If a necklace of pearls is worn regularly, some of these pearls will always have contact with skin on the neck. The pearls will slowly absorb acid from the skin and eventually eat slowly into the spherical pearl. Over-time these pearls will not just lose their luster, but will also change shapes.



Pendants made with pearls don’t always have that much contact with the skin. But no matter what type of pearl jewelry that you wear, it should be wiped with a cloth that is soft especially after wearing them.


When not properly cared for, pearls can become yellow over-time. This is caused by the build-up of sweat or oils from the skin. But you can whiten yellowed pearls and retain their luster and natural beauty.

How to clean

  1. Combine 1 tbsp. mild hand soap that is liquidwith cup of warm water. Stir well.
  1. Place pearls that are yellowed into the soapy water and use soft cloth to clean gently. Don’t scrub but do rub away all dirt or debris delicately.
  1. Remove from the soapy water and then rinse them in fresh cold water stream from the tap.
  1. Dry with a clean cotton cloth.
  1. Take another cloth and dampen it with acetone polish remover. Wipe gently with this cloth as the nacre will become strengthened.
  1. Lay the pearls somewhere in direct sunlight and allow them to stay for several hours. Repeat treatment with sunlight until you see visible color changes.
  1. Wrap in a linen or soft cotton cloth after every treatment.

If they are really damaged you need to take the pearls to a jeweler as they also can clean and renew your pearls.

For further information, check with

How to choose fancy colored diamonds

When you are buying fancy colored diamonds, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Pure and perfect diamonds have no color at all, but this kind of diamonds do not occur naturally. Diamonds typically have some kind of chemical or structural flaw that gives them color. Diamonds can come in gray, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, gray, or black. The rarest color in diamonds is red. The range of diamond color between white to white with a yellow tinge is measured by a scale of D to Z. Diamonds that are too yellow or fall outside the range of yellow are not included in this scale.

Figure out the color you want

Now that you’re aware that diamonds have a wide variety of colors, you should also take note that a single color can vary in intensity. A fancy colored diamond can be graded as fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, and fancy vivid. Fancy vivid diamonds are very rare and expensive. When you buy fancy colored diamonds, it would be better if you see the diamond in person and in proper lighting so you can see the diamond’s actual color. What you would also need to be aware of is that colored diamonds can be quite rare, and you would need to look in a lot of shops and businesses to find the color you want.


Cut and clarity are important

Buying fancy colored diamonds is different from buying white diamonds. The cut of a diamond can also affect the color. The bigger the diamond, the deeper the pavilion, the more intense the color can be. Mixed cut styles like the radiant cut can improve the color and increase the price per carat of the diamond.

Meanwhile, the Gemological Institute of America’s clarity grading for white diamonds is the same for fancy colored diamonds. The clarity of a colored diamond does not factor much into the price, because the color can hide imperfections and flaws.

Study up on pricing

Pricing for fancy colored diamonds can be a little more complicated than pricing for white diamonds. Also, the prices of colored diamond are more prone to larger inflation. This is because very few stores sell colored diamonds, so they have very little competition. This means that before you buy fancy colored diamonds, you need to look at a lot of stores and compare their prices. You should visit MID House of diamonds official website to check their inventory also.

Check the diamond’s certificate

You also need to verify that your diamond’s color is natural, and not treated. Laboratories are able to apply high pressure and heat on colored diamonds in order to coax out a different color. Lab-treated fancy colored diamonds are a lot cheaper than diamonds with natural colors, so you would need to verify your diamond’s credentials. To do this, you can ask sellers to show you a certificate from GIA or other reputable gemology laboratories. Buying fancy colored diamonds can be complicated and a little frustrating, but it can be worth it once you find a colored diamond that you love.

Buying Hatton Garden Diamond Jewelry Online

London’s Hatton Garden is one of the most prestigious jewelry courters in the world. As such, diamonds and jewelry from this area are coveted by collectors and aficionados worldwide. Until recently, there was no alternative to simply visiting Hatton Garden, and diamonds from this location were difficult to source elsewhere. However, with the rise of the internet, this task has become a little simpler- and buying Hatton Garden jewelry online has become a viable option.

One of the most important factors to remember when buying Hatton Garden jewelry online is credibility. Hatton Garden has garnered its reputation primarily because it’s home to some of the world’s finest diamond retailers, meaning that the quality available in this area is exceedingly high. For this reason, when buying online, you need to ensure that the supplier you choose is fully qualified and extremely credible; to ensure that they provide nothing less than the best. You can do this by checking the name of their website against a certified directory, or by calling the store itself and verifying their information.

An option to consider, if Hatton Garden jewelry is your priority, is to investigate whether shops physically located in Hatton Garden also have an online website. Many businesses now sell their products both in-store and online, which could benefit those looking to buy a specific item from a specific store. If you can’t reach Hatton Garden to investigate the shops on offer, then a simple internet search can provide you with a list of the most reputable diamond stores in the quarter. Once you’ve found a shop that fits your criteria, you can then confirm whether or not they sell their products online, and proceed accordingly.

When buying diamonds online, it’s important that you fully prepare yourself for the risks involved with delivery. Trusting the postal service, however efficient, to handle such valuable items can prove stressful. There are, however, certain steps that you can take to guarantee a smoother delivery. Prior to purchasing your diamonds, you could enquire as to whether your chosen Hatton Garden store provides a courier or a delivery service with an insurance policy. You could also enquire as to whether you can pickup your diamonds from the store directly, providing that the shop is within your reach.

Overall, when buying Hatton Garden jewelry online, safety takes precedence. If you verify the reputation of your chosen store, and question their delivery policies thoroughly, then the chances of you encountering any difficulties are significantly reduced. What’s more, viewing the process as less of a chore and more of an experience can help you enjoy buying Hatton Garden diamond jewelry online- safely and securely.

Tips To Help You Identify a Natural Gemstone

A natural gemstone is a stone, a mineral, an organic substance which are obtained naturally from our mother nature. Minerals or organic substance that gets deposited beneath the surface of earth will undergo natural chemical process and finally delivers these natural gems after millions of years. These natural gems are taken and processed with high degree of treatment like cutting, polishing etc to get a fine gem. They are classified as precious and semi precious. Precious gemstones are rare, exhibits excellent beauty and have a good durability, where as a semi precious stone might have only one or two qualities of precious stones.

Nowadays to satisfy the increased demand for gemstones, synthetic or lab created gemstones are available. However natural gemstones are extremely rare, and thus grab its own special place in addition they continue to be the most preferred one by knowledgeable gem buyers.

diamond 1

Tips To Identify a Natural Gemstone

  • Four C’s place a main role in judging the natural gemstones and they are Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. It is better to do check them out completely before buying gemstone jewelry.
  • Next important thing that you need to consider are their natures like beauty, rarity and durability. Each and every gemstone has its own nature and generally gemstone with high intensity of color without any inclusions is considered as rare.
  • Synthetic stones don’t have an angular growth patterns inside the stone instead exhibits a curved growth patterns.
  • Gas bubbles indicate its synthetic nature but might not be true in all cases because certain natural gemstones come with these inclusions. Get a basic gemstone chart to have a better clarity about inclusions.
  • An imitation stone has similar looks of a natural gemstone but is very cheap in quality. Imitations will be lighter in weight than its natural counterparts.
  • Another thing that you have to be careful is assembled stones. These are made of natural gemstones but are mixed with synthetic materials. Using a penlight illumination shows the signs of assembly.


  • Before buying a gemstone, have a look at them under a UV light which helps you to identify whether it is a heated or natural gemstone. Also try to view the gemstone in all possible angles and especially from CX side. If you have a detailed look then you might be able to find difference between a fake and natural one.
  • It is better to buy these natural gemstones from a genuine seller, since his reputation might be spoiled if he sells fake ones.

Follow the style statement of your favorite celebrity

Your favorite celebrity may be the style icon for you. You love to follow their style in all the sense. When it comes to jewelry you will like to have replicas of the jewelry which your favorite celebrity wore on some particular event or in the movie or video. Apart from the clothes, one thing which you like to imitate of your favorite celeb is the fashion jewelry. Even there are many stores which offer stylish fashionable jewelry for sale.  You can visit to check out the trending fashion jewelry which your favorite star has worn in the last event.

moon 1

 The bliss of royal necklace

When you search around in the market you will be amused to see the huge collection of the necklace with the jewelry designers and reputed jewelry stores. You can choose to have a simple one string necklace which is elegant and beautiful with small pendant. If you are looking for heavy work necklace for some special occasion, then you can look for the diamond or crystal necklace which is multi string and joined together. It will give you the feel like a royal princess when you wear the heavy jewelry and get it matched with the earrings and bangles.

Stylish small earring

These days the trend of small earring is at boom. The stud earrings are the perfect way to improve your style and match it with all types of dresses you want to wear. You can choose simple curved diamonds or crystal earrings. Now-a-days many celebs are seen wearing such earrings.

moon 2

Bracelet to add the charm to your beauty

The trend of the Beautiful and edgy bracelets have seen a remarkable growth in the present fashion jewelry market. Whether it is the pearl bracelet, silver or gold bracelet, each should be matched perfectly with the other jewelry which you are wearing. The pretty designer bracelets are designed with the imagination and make your hand pretty.

Jewellery Trends That Keep Coming Back In Style

 There are some jewellery trends that come and go like a flash and are never seen again – but then there are other great looks that keep coming back into style year after year. These looks are considered timeless because they transcend generations and they look just as good today as they did decades ago. If you invest in a jewellery piece that is timeless you can be sure that you will be able to wear it for years and years.

So what are some of the most timeless jewellery trends? Here are a few examples:

jewel 1

Diamond Stud Earrings

Every woman should own a pair of diamond stud earrings, as they are such a classic jewellery item. They go with everything and they look so timeless and elegant. They can be worn with a little black dress for a sexy evening look or paired with a blouse and jeans for a more casual look. When you invest in a good quality pair of diamond stud earrings you can be sure that you will wear them again and again as they will always look gorgeous and never go out of style.

Charm Bracelets

People have been wearing charm bracelets for decades and the style doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon. Perhaps the reason why is because charm bracelets, such as those from Chlobo Bohemian jewellery, are so meaningful for the wearer.

They allow you to wear a series of charms that represent things that are important to you, such as your hobbies, the birthstones of your children, the places you have visited, your beloved pets. Each charm tells a story and the bracelet as a whole is an insight into who you are and what you love. Also, the act of collecting the charms over time is a lot of fun and can become a hobby.

jewel 2

Locket Necklaces

A locket is a small case on a pendant that opens to reveal a space that holds a small object, usually a photograph but sometimes a lock of hair or some other keepsake. Lockets are usually hung from a necklace, although they can sometimes be worn on a charm bracelet.

Lockets have been popular for many centuries and they are still fashionable today. They are often used to carry photographs of the people whom you care most about, so that you can keep them close to your heart at all times.


Bangles are simply rigid bracelet made from plastic, wood or metal and they have been popular in many different cultures and many diverse time periods. They traditionally come from South Asia and are worn often in Nepal, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. However, they are worn in cultures all over the world. They were really popular in the 1960s and they came back in fashion again in the 1990s and now they are making another comeback. The great thing about bangles is that you can wear multiple bangles on one wrist for a cool stacked look – the idea of wearing stackable bracelets is a very hot jewellery trend at the moment.

jewel 3

Tennis Bracelets

These are a style of bracelet that is made up of a row of small diamonds. This bracelet got its name when tennis star Chris Evert was playing a particularly vigorous match and she had to ask the officials to pause the game for her because her diamond bracelet had become unclasped and had fallen on the court. Since then, this style of bracelet has been referred to as a “tennis bracelet.” This type of bracelet is an attractive style and it is lightweight and flexible which makes it less likely to be damaged when you are playing a sport. If you don’t want your bracelet to fall off when you are playing, avoid the mistake that Chris Evert made and make sure that your bracelet has a safety clasp on it.

These are just a few of the jewellery trends that are simply timeless and will never go out of style. These looks have been worn for many years and will be worn for many years in the future. Invest in these timeless trends and you will be sure to look elegant and gorgeous no matter what!

Exquisite undiscovered

Gems are among the most beautiful fascination for women. Who won’t be mesmerized by its charm? A beautiful gem with a perfect cut can delight anyone and it’s a perfect way to spoil your beloved ones. The outstanding gems are the one with superb cut and shape showing its spark and richness. Types of gemstone shapes are Round, Oval, Princess, Pear, Octagon, Marquise, Heart, trillion, baguette, briolette, triangle, pendulum, cushion, emerald, etc.


Lets discover some of the inside information about them and their cuts in detail.

  1. Round shape: Its 58 reflective surfaces with flawless cut make it the most dazzling one. This one looks wondrous when matched up with little gems.
  2. Oval: This shape is rounded oval. This is one of the most preferred shapes of gems as it gives a semblance of having long fingers, making it popular.
  3. Marquise: it is similar to the oval shaped gem, but only difference is that it has two sharp point ends. This gives a royal look to your wear.
  4. Trillion: It is usually triangular, can be pointed triangle or rounded.
  5. Princess cut: It is square cut gem that is most beautiful amongst all. Its edges meet at right angle. It has a glittery look, definitely made for a lifelong use.
  6. Radiant cut: It has 70 surfaces with square or rectangular cut enhanced with a rounded gem. It is brilliantly made with at most refraction.
  7. Baguette: This is again rectangular shaped, but top surface and edges that are flat. It is unique in its own way.
  8. Heart shaped: As the name suggests, it has a heart shape. Very romantic to gift your loved ones, it will give you finest look as it takes skilled work to create a heart shape.
  9. Shield cut: It has a shape like a shield, with a large front face making it look very distinct.
  10. Whirl cut: It takes brilliance to create this cut as it is complex. But when created, looks very elegant.

Finest Collections of Pearl Necklaces for You

As far as pearl necklace is concerned, it happens to be one of the most popular categories that offer you with some stunning range of designs and patterns on the whole. There are many things that you should get to know with regard to pearl jewelries before you go onto buying some. You first need to look for the quality as this a crucial factor that helps you make a wise buying decision. It needs to be understood that poor quality pearl jewelry would not be able to provide the attractive look and appeal that high quality pearl jewelries are able to offer.

Here are some pearl necklace varieties for you to get to know about,

Bertha Necklace

The Bertha necklace piece is one of the best that you get to find in the online space and there are very few online stores out there that sell this exquisite and exciting jewelry. It is made out of pearls that range in size between 6 to 10 mm in total. The A grade pearl jewelry is quite attractive in every way and offers a perfect kind of look overall.

pearl 1

Jasmine Necklace

The jasmine necklace turns out to be quite a popular option with more number of choices with regard to colors. You can choose the best and most suitable pearl necklace from the gray, brown, green, pink and white varieties. It is made out of small fresh water pearls that range in size between 5 to 6 mm in total. The design is one of the most popular ones that you get to see.

When it come to buying pearl necklace, make sure that you set aside specific time to understand what are all the varieties that are available to you and then make an informed decision in this regard as pearl is quite expensive.

More intelligent Appeal With Alternate Range of Jewelry Made From Ceramic

Rings are particular sort of gems that comes fit as a fiddle. This combination of stock is ordinarily utilized over every one of the edges of the contemporary world. Rings are typically worn around the fingers or the toes. Differentiating assortments of decorations like studs, neck rings or torcs, and so on are likewise generally prevalent in the business sector. More often than not, the straightforward phrasing “ring” is utilized to allude to any trimming that is intended to slip into the fingers.

Rings make them astound history. All the immense sovereigns, statesmen, and champions – cutting crosswise over society, course of events, and land area – are known not worn rings around their fingers. The scope of gems transformed into a quintessential part of the wedding custom amid the Vatican period. The round state of wedding bands preferably took after endless adoration among couples. Customarily, the arrangement of decorations was produced using valuable metals like gold and silver. In addition, the dearer assortment used to be studded with valuable stones like precious stone, sapphire, emerald, and ruby, and so forth.

In a striking improvement, rage for premium assortment of rings produced using valuable metals is consistently hanging. Really, gold is extravagantly costly nowadays. Accordingly, more intelligent people reconsider before putting into gold adornments. An interesting scope of adornments produced using different substances other than valuable gold is relentlessly picking up conspicuousness. Interest for trimmings produced using these substitute components – like titanium, tungsten, fired, and cobalt, and so forth – is ascending at an exponential pace.

The scope of stock produced using the substitute substances is exceptionally solid. Above all, these items are much sensibly estimated and thus, all the more effectively reasonable. In this connection it is important specifying extraordinary notoriety of rings produced using premium evaluation of artistic. Interestingly, the vast majority consider dirt puppets formed at secondary school craftsmanship class with regards to clay. Artistic utilized as a part of gems blending so as to make nowadays is made zirconium and yittra utilizing particular holding operators. The general procedure includes most recent advances. Top of the line earthenware has boundless application potential. It has been being used in avionic business and in addition medicinal part for a long while. The best purpose behind applying it into gems industry is its common sparkle that keeps going forever.

Premium assortment of artistic is totally without scratch; neither it gets blurred nor it gets stained. It is a perfect sample of hypoallergenic substance. As such, decorations produced using it never experience biochemical response on coming in contact to human body. In this way, cobalt adornments, dissimilar to its gold partners, never brings about scratches or disturbances on skin. The substance is unimaginably lightweight. Subsequently, adornments produced using it are really agreeable fit for wearers. The collection of stock arrives in a variety of shiny shades. To put it plainly, there is nothing to prevent the refinement from securing decision in earthenware groups, arm ornaments, and some other assortment of adornments.

There are hordes of rumored online retail outlets that only manage the most recent scope of adornments items. These electronic storefronts convey premium evaluation of stock at verging on disposable cost. These virtual organizations keep up amazing stock in view of most recent creative plans round the year. Thusly, business prospect of the assortment of items is great for sure.