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50s Are the New 20s – Not a Time to Sit at Home!

There is a very popular myth that your life slows down and loses quality when you reach 50. But believing in this myth is the only thing that is actually making it true. Your age truly is just a number, and there is a whole world full of things that are just waiting for you – no matter what age you are. So, to get you going and to inspire you to live your life to the fullest, here are some things you might be interested in:


Travel the world

Maybe you’ve had the chance to travel during your life and have already seen so many wonderful places, but maybe you have never left your home country. However, it’s never too late, and no matter how many things you’ve seen, there is more to be explored. And it’s not all about the destinations either. Remind yourself of the younger days and go on a cross-country weekend with your friends or significant other. Go without a plan or destination and just have some fun. Or treat yourself to a luxurious experience you couldn’t afford when you were younger and go to a luxurious resort, stay in a 5-star hotel and live like a millionaire for one weekend. But of course, nothing will ever beat a good adventure trip: go to a country you’ve never been to before, bring a tent and some hiking gear and spend some time in nature or with the locals. You will have the time of your life and realize that you are definitely not too old to have fun!

Learn new things

A lot of people think that when they reach a certain age, they are “too old to learn” and they simply stick to what they know. But this could not be further from the truth and science is there to back us up: learning new skills and practicing new abilities means that you always keep your brain running and your body active. Pick up a new sport: play basketball with people from your neighborhood once a week or go hiking with your family on the weekend. Ask around if there is a yoga, CrossFit or Zumba class in your area meant for people of all ages.
Another option is learning a new skill. Find an art class, take music lessons or learn a new language. Some of these you can also do online, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home – but it’s recommended that you do anyway!

Find a new community

As we grow older, our tastes refine and we find out what we really like in life and what truly makes us happy. We also find out what kind of people suit us best. And what better time to find a new community that suits you just right? If you want a complete change of surroundings, there are luxury retirement communities where you can move and be surrounded by people who like doing the same things, while having everything on your doorstep. If you want a more subtle change, you can join a local volunteering community for a cause you support or start a book club with some people you like. Being surrounded by the people you feel comfortable and pleasant around will keep you lively and young for a long time.

No matter what you choose to do with your life after you are 50, remember that the only thing that is holding you back is yourself.Once you let go of the social norms imposing what people are “supposed to do” when they are 50, you will have the whole world at your disposal.

Effortless Makeup Tips for a Flawless Look

Over the last decade, makeup evolved so much that we can now use it for much more than just dolling ourselves up. We were told by our mothers and grandmothers that we should stay away from foundation because it clogs our pores and affects our skin really badly. However, nowadays foundation serves to protect us from pollution, bacteria and sun. In this article, we’ll share with you some tips and tricks on how to use foundation and other makeup products to make yourself look flawless with almost zero effort.

Foundation and other face products – tips and tricks

First things first, make sure to use foundation with yellow undertones – never pink.

Prepare your skin for foundation by scrubbing it gently because,this way,it will absorb the foundation much easier.

If you have enlarged pores, they are probably full of dried skin. You can solve this problem by investing in lightweight formula that has medium coverage. Also, when it comes to concealer, use it only when and where necessary.


If you, on the other hand, have nice skin which is just a tiny bit dry, go for hydrating foundation and make sure you never powder your cheek area, because you want to keep that glow. Also, apply foundation with a mineral brush so it is whisked, not pressed onto your skin.

Further, never rub foundation onto your skin. That way, you’ll use more product than you actually need and it won’t sit well on your skin. Instead, put a little bit of product on the back of your hand and use a  foundation brush to apply it to your face. First, apply it to your jawline and then move onto your cheeks,and the center of your face. This way you will achieve a wonderful natural radiance and won’t spend too much product. Also, reduce the amount of foundation you apply to the areas of your face where you have more lines. Just dab some serum on those areas and coverthem lightly with foundation.

Next, even if you’ve seen dozens of makeup artists start off with concealer and then apply foundation over it, never do that because they will mix together, and you’ll end up with an ashy skin tone.

If you are going to be outside the entire day, make sure you use a primer before applying foundation.

Eye makeup – tips and tricks

Your eyes, as the central and most beautiful part of your face, need some love.

Opt for a natural alloverthelid color and really make your eyes pop. Finish it off with a thick coat of mascara, and since the days are now extremely hot, opt for a waterproof one like Maybelline Great Lash mascara that will stay on your eyes the entire day.

If you are not a fan of eyeliner, you can apply a few extra coats of mascara, especially into the roots of your lashes. It looks way cooler and it is super easy.

Lip makeup – tips and tricks

Before applying any makeup on your lips, exfoliate them by brushing them with a toothbrush. This way you will prevent the lipstick from getting into your wrinkles. After that, take a lip balm enriched with anSPF (again, really important for these hot days) that will moisturize your lips and make them look fresh.

If you are not a fan of lipsticks, opt for lip stains that are super easy to use and completely unsmudgeable.

That would be it. As you can see, a flawless look is not that difficult to achieve after all! If you have some more tips make sure you leave them in the comments below.

Choosing the Contacts of the Right Colour

While we used to invest into quality contact lenses only once our eye vision became impaired, today the reality is slightly different. Not only can contacts help you improve your eyesight, but they can also offer you a completely new look. Considering that they come in various colours, you have an opportunity to change your eye colour from hazel to sky blue after just one shopping spree. However, it’s essential that you know a couple of important facts before you decide to change your eye colour.

Image result for contact lenses

Try them out

Even though the idea of wearing coloured contact lenses may seem wonderful, you need to make sure you can actually wear them. Not everyone can handle the feeling of having something in your eye and otherscan’t stand the fact that they need to mess around their eyes each day when putting the contacts in or taking them out. Therefore, it’s essential that you visit a practitioner and try out various lenses. This is the perfect opportunity to see if a certain colour is right for you or not and you’ll also get the idea of how it would feel to wear them constantly.

Eye colour and skin tone

Numerous factors will affect your final choice. First, you should consider the colour of your eyes. Light eyes can be enhanced with contact lenses that define the edges of your iris and deepen the natural colour of your eyes. Contact lenses in grey and green can be the perfect alternative to blue eyes, since they won’t make a significant and dramatic change. Light brown contacts, on the other hand, would offer you a more unexpected look, and appear dramatic if your natural eye colour is blue, and your skin fair. If you have a warmer skin tone with yellow or gold undertone, you should look for honey, hazel, light brown or green contact lenses online to get that beautiful look. If you have darker eyes, and you don’t want the change to be over the top,try out hazel or honey brown contact lenses. On the other hand, violet, green and blue would really make your eyes pop.

Hair colour

Furthermore, the colour of your hair is also a significant factor that will help you decide which contacts suit you best. Brunettes could have a difficult time deciding on just one colour, because any hue would look flattering. Darker lenses are the best choice for blond and light-haired people, but beige and grey can be flattering as well. Bright blue and emerald green lenses would be a great choice for platinum blondes. Blue-black and other cool-toned blacks contrast purple contacts perfectly. Brown lenses, on the other hand, will offer a more natural look. If you have a prominent hair colour, such as pink, blue or purple, it’s best if you pick single-tone brown or black contacts to avoid having two vivid features highlighted.

Related image

Custom made tinted coloured lenses

For those who’d like to have a unique look, customized lenses may be the best choice. Some manufacturers can create lenses in a variety of colours and of various densities. These lenses tend to be semi-translucent, and offer a truly natural look. They can perfectly hide an eye injury or a defect, making your pupil look uninjured.

Final thoughts

Contact lenses are perfect for improving your eyesightand can offer a unique physical appearance as well. With a myriad of different colours, you can now have green, blue or grey eyes whenever you want to and enjoy a different look from time to time. Just make sure you visit a practitioner first, to get an adequate prescription and see if you’ll be comfortable with wearing contacts.

Reasons behind the Popularity of Louis Vuitton Bags

The fact cannot be denied that every company maintains a target clients right at the beginning to reach. If a company holds a customer rating from top to bottom then you would have to say that they are working really well. We can make the same statement in favor of Louis Vuitton. There is a craze in the market to grab the products of Louis Vuitton. They are introducing the flawless handbags to the market. You can get it at affordable rate too. This should be kept in your mind. But if you are trying to buy bags from some other brand then you need to go online and search over there. Yes it is true that you can do the research work at any time.

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If you go online and type there in the search box about the high quality Louis Vuitton bags then you would be provided with the authentic information. If you go online or visit the website then you can see the images if the bags. You will be happy to know that even the celebrities are buying bags from this house. These are the things behind the huge popularity of the brand. If you have any question in your mind then you need to call the customer care executives at any time. If you are looking for some other companies then you need to compare the rate with the other companies. If you can do this then you will get benefitted. But you should not compromise with the material used. This should also be kept in your mind. If you are buying the product from this company then you won’t have to get into any such problems. So these are the things that you need to keep in your mind in order to get the best quality bag.

Travel umbrella: The wide variety for you

Umbrellas have been some of the important accessories for everyone. When dark clouds cover the sky and indicate a rainfall, when the sunrays hit you bad. These umbrellas are the ones to protect you from all these. Therefore it is your great need to select for the best travel umbrella to serve you well. There are many different types of umbrellas which would be available to you. You can select some of the best ones to fulfill your purpose in the best manner. This content will help you with the selection of the best umbrellas for you. Considering these will be something great for you as you will be able to match up the current fashion trends and also your needs in a perfect way.

The wide variety  

There are many different types of umbrellas available in the market to cater to varied needs of you. All these different types of umbrellas can serve you in a different way. However all of these will be able to protect you from the rain and sun. But these are known to be different for their designs. The designs you select will determine the looks they provide you and also the way of handling them. There are considerably numerous options available for you to select the best one from. These will provide you with some of the best services.  Here are some of these different options:


Wind Resistant or High Wind umbrella:  These umbrellas are specially designed to hold up perfectly in the windy weather. There are umbrellas that tend to break down in high winds. These are some of the strongest styles available for you. These will be the perfect companions for you in case of a really bad weather. These umbrellas are designed with sturdy frames and can be regarded as the best travel umbrella on the basis of sustainability.

Auto Umbrella: These umbrellas are designed with the motive of easy use. These can open up just with a push of the button located on its handle. This can be the best to be used in an emergency. This allows the user with some really efficient services from the umbrella. These can be the best selections when you are focusing on easy use. Also these are more compatible as compared to any other umbrellas.    These can be some of the best selection by you.

Designer/ High fashion umbrellas: There are many people who would like to focus on fashion rather than functionality. These umbrellas are designed especially for them. These umbrellas can provide you with the best fashion elements you may require. They are artistic many times and can provide you with some unique designs to add up to the style element in you. These can be the best if you want to carry them just as an addition to your dressing.     

Hopefully from the above mentioned types you can easily select the best travel umbrella for you and experience the best of it. Bring home the best umbrellas and experience fashion and fulfillment from them.             

Things men should avoid to look fashionable


You can look better and more fashionable if you avoid few things. Yes, it is right. If you go through the below list, you would realize how these small things can turn things around for you. Also, the important thing is that you can look better without spending even an extra single penny!  So go on and read below points to gain insights on men fashion.

Avoid too many buttons on the shirt: sometime we wear shirts with so many buttons which goes till our neck. This will make you look little old school type, so try to unbutton first button after the collar button. It will give you a cool look. And, if you want to look very formal then wear a tie with all these buttons.

Avoid puddling pants: We all have some pants in our wardrobe which are little more in length than we really need. These puddling pants must be avoided if you want to look stylish. And, when you buy your next pant make sure go to for appropriate length without compromising even an inch.

Image result for fashionable men

Avoid very tight cloths: We should wear the cloth which fits our body perfectly but it does not mean that we should wear very tight clothes which just sticks to our body. This is neither good for your body nor for your personality.

Avoid too many accessories: So remember you are men hence avoid wearing too many accessories like those earrings and bracelets etc. Give yourself more classy and stylish look by avoiding these accessories.

Avoid ultra-deepV-neck: Showing too much cleavage is not going to increase your style quotient for sure. It does not look good especially if you don’t have the body to flaunt.

Avoid uncomfortable underwear: If you want to look stylish then you must feel it too, and you will not feel it if you are uncomfortable from inside. Hence it is very important to wear something which gives you comfort.

Alternatives to the Standard Wallet

Ever since it became necessary to carry money with you there has been a need to carry this money in something.  Historically men have used what is referred to as a wallet, whilst women have used purses.  Both products serve the same function.

However, an issue which becomes connected with the use of a wallet is the amount of rubbish you will quickly accumulate.  Every time you pay for something you will have a receipt and possibly another piece of paper.  These are generally shoved into your wallet alongside a countless number of loyalty cards and other memorabilia which you may not really need.

The result is a wallet, or purse, which is bursting at the seams but actually has no money in it!  Fortunately, there are several alternatives:


The Naked Wallet

One firm which has come up with an enterprising alternative is Naked Wallet.  Instead of a conventional wallet they will sell you the cool wallet.  In essence this is little more than a slip of leather which opens and snaps closed; without ever coming apart.

This band simply slides over your notes and even your bank cards.  It is designed not to slip and will not release the funds unless you remove them.  It can be carried in any pocket and easily accessed but you will not be able to add all the usual paraphernalia which is associated with a wallet. This is a cool wallet simply because it is a radical new approach.

The Pocket

A less practical option to avoid the paperwork that comes with a wallet is to simply use your pocket, if you have one.  However, this can be a good way to lose funds and even break you cards.  The naked wallet may not look like much but it still protects your cards and wallets from being damaged.

The Waist Pocket

Instead of carrying a wallet you can carry your funds in a specially designed belt with a pocket.  These are not as bulky as the old fashioned bum bags but do operate on the same principle.  A simply zip pocket will allow you to store any item; including your funds with relatively easy access.  Unfortunately the ease of access will depend upon the clothing you are wearing.   This solution can still be a magnate for unneeded pieces of paper which can then make it difficult to locate the funds you need when paying for something.

Don’t carry money

A final alternative is not to carry money at all.  Either allow your partner to carry all the funds and just ask or tell them when you want something.  Or, you can carry a debit or credit card with you and pay for everything on this.  However, despite the massive improvements in digital technology, there are still some places which will not accept cards and you may wish you had some cash with you.

Although contactless cards are now common and there is even talk of retina or fingerprint payment methods, it is not likely that hard currency will fade out of existence just yet.  This means you need to locate a cool wallet to hold your funds for the foreseeable future.


The old adage, “God could not be everywhere so he created mothers “, was perhaps invented by a very wise man because, alas, truer words have never been spoken. Even after the complications of those difficult nine months, a painful delivery or perhaps even a scary operation like a c- section, the ordeal for a mother has just yet started! And this ordeal, mind you is a lifelong one! However, from my personal experience of seeing my niece and nephews grow up, I think that the age between 6 months to two years of a child are the most difficult ones for a new mother, especially the first time ones. This is the period when a child learns a lot many new things like eating, crawling, walking and not to forget talking. The result of all these trial and error exercises is spoiled kids t shirt every half an hour. The only solution for this never ending need for clothes is buying bulk t shirts. The wisest thing to do for a good deal is to buy t shirt online.


Why buying T shirt online is a better option?

To buy t shirt online for your child is a good alternative to actually going into the department store. To convince you we have listed some reasons why you must switch over to online shopping and make this motherhood journey less arduous!

 Save your precious time

Young mothers, especially the working ones are always hard up against time. Managing office work, household work and all the needs of your kid needs more than 24 hours a day! So if your child has outgrown all his kids t shirt and you need a new stock then instead of going to the market just complete this task with a couple of clicks of the mouse. This will take less than ten minutes of your time compared to half a day required in the conventional style of shopping. After confirming your orders you can immediately move to other important tasks and cater to your child’s needs.


Save fuel and save the world!

You want to give your kid a good future and that involves a greener planet! So do your every bit for it, including saving fuel. Also the market price of fuel seems to be increasing every day. So, cut down on this cost by avoiding those frequent trips for shopping errands and buy t shirt online.

Buy it anytime!

With your hectic schedule planning a trip to the shopping mall might involve careful consulting of your calendar and taking frequent leaves from work. Say goodbye to all those problems by shopping from online ecommerce websites. These are open round the clock, so day and night makes no difference; they are also open all 365 days. You don’t need to worry whether it is a Sunday or a national holiday. So shop easily at the middle of the night when your child is finally deep in sleep or shop on a Sunday when you are relatively freer.

The journey of bringing up a child holds no comparison. It is joyous as well as hectic. But in the midst of teaching the kid so many ways of the world, parents also learn a lot of things. The suggestion to buy bulk t-shirt and to buy t-shirt online was just humble attempt to make this journey a little less hectic, as there is always a need for kids t-shirt at that learning stage. However as they say mother knows the best, I am sure she has many clever ideas herself!

Purchase Best Diamond Grills Jewelry for Personality Development

At, they provide a big kind of patterns and materials which include gold, custom grills, white gold, diamond grills and sterling silver. You can purchase grills here of what kind of design you want your teeth to look like. Every of thegrill is carefully crafted with the aid of them using a mold of your tooth to be able to give you one million dollar smile without breaking the financial institution. From various solid gold or white gold to iced out thediamond custom top or bottom sets, see why they are the pinnacle grill organization online with the aid of buying these days.Diamond grills had been a staple of the hip-hop scene and rap lifestyle for years. they’ve long gone beyond a way of style or fashion to turning into a hallmark of popularity, wealth, and a representation of who you are as someone, icon, or celebrity. Like large diamond chains and different jewelry, mouth grills have been a way of showing wealth without conserving on to cash. Many celebrities and musicians have allowed thegrill to turn out to be more famous than ever as an accent that symbolizes status and individuality. Perfect for high profile occasions or casual outings, a diamond grill is a piece of bling that makes an impression and is impossible to overlook.


Diamond grill features:

Diamond caps are iconic classics that pay homage to the original fashion. Diamond grills have a tendency to be less costly than gold, however, they make just as lots of a statement. Diamond is very vivid steel which could flatter everybody’s enamel.Diamond slugs have grown in reputation over the years and have transcended hip-hop tradition, becoming popular with different genres of song, including hardcore metallic and punk rock. This accent has also turned out to be popular among non-musicians and celebrities too. Thankfully for those regular individuals who do not have the wealth, these hip-hop and other musicians have, purchase grills here the less expensive choices on-line for diamond grills along with Roisdor official site.

Skin Care Products for Healthy Skin

It is not hard to have healthy skin. There are millions of products for skincare that aim to promote and maintain healthy skin. Everyone’s skin has problem areas, and no one is born with perfectly healthy, natural skin. Rather, the ones who seem to have the best skin are often times the people who use top quality products designed to give them such healthy skin.

What Is Healthy Skin?

Healthy skin is skin that is well moisturised, well-toned, effectively exfoliated, and well-nourished. Different people will use different skin care products to help get their skin healthy, as everyone goes about achieving their goals differently. It may even take more than just one product to get the results you would like. In fact, a combination of quality skin care products is required more often than not. No matter what is wrong with your skin, whether it is oily with chronic breakouts or dry with flaking and cracking, selecting the right skin care products to work together with each other is key to building a well-balanced skin care regimen. In fact, there are a lot of skin care products online that can be used to make this easier for you.


Which Skin Care Products Are Best?

The skin care products that are regarded as the best products for healthy skin are the ones that have a strong reputation. Their name has been well-established due to the high quality of their products. These products don’t need to offer a lot of promotions to people, as most customers already know them for creating some of the best skin care products on the market today. There can be times, however, when even the best skin care companies will release a new skin care product that isn’t up to their standard of quality. Those are the products that are usually short-lived, and are quickly pulled off the shelves once it is determined that that particular product is subpar.

If people risk their hard-earned money on a new product to achieve healthy skin and that product turns out to be no good, they will have not only wasted their money, but also the time spent on their skincare routine as well. So the company needs to be able to back up any claims that it makes in regards to its products.

Since healthy skin is mainly achieved by using one or more quality skincare products, sticking to products that are heavily promoted, as well as from a well-known skin care company can often be the best bet. Once you find the right combination of skincare products to help you achieve the healthy skin you are looking for, then the search is over. Trying new skin care products at this point is not necessary, but can be done if you are convinced that a new product will deliver something that your current products do not. Taking care of your skin should be a fun experience, helping you achieve, glowing, healthy skin that makes you feel great.