Caring for Your Skin When Wearing Corsets

The skin is the most important part of your body which needs great attention and care especially when you are undergoing waist training with Corsets. It is very important to know a few things that would protect and care for the skin in order to avoid discomfort and irritation at the course of the waist training.

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  • Wear a top under the corset. Cotton fabric will reduce the friction brought by tightly fastened corsets. A corset liner can help prevent irritation. You should remember that this should be changed and washed regularly. A liner is especially crafted to shed the skin from dead cells and sweat.
  • Wash and clean your skin daily as much as possible. Pay special attention to the navel which can acquire rash after extreme exposure to pressure. Use anti-bacterial soap and make sure that you use Steel boned corsets that are clean and dry.
  • After washing, apply moisturizer to your body and most importantly to the area covered by the corset. Make sure you are utilizing a good body lotion otherwise, your skin will start to itch and dry.

Choosing the right shape

The right shape of Corsets will help you care for your skin allowing it to reduce the pressure that goes with lacing and tightening. Here are the shapes you can choose from:

  • Hourglass – Occasional wearers are perfect for the hour glass shape since it minimizes the waist circumference without exerting pressure on the ribs.
  • Pipe-stem – a lot more similar to the hourglass and yet this permits the circumference of the waist to extend towards the natural waistline. This type will suit those experienced wearer who are aiming for lengthened waistline areas.
  • Conical – this allows for the reduction of circumference not only of the waist but also of the lower ribs. Use the conical if you have an experienced trainer to guide you throughout the waist reduction journey.

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