Care and Cleaning for Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are extremely soft so they need special care. Never should they just be thrown on top of or next to any other gems in your jewelry box. Jewelry made with pearls need to be stored in a jewelry pouch.

Absorb acid

The skin of some women is more acid that others. If a necklace of pearls is worn regularly, some of these pearls will always have contact with skin on the neck. The pearls will slowly absorb acid from the skin and eventually eat slowly into the spherical pearl. Over-time these pearls will not just lose their luster, but will also change shapes.



Pendants made with pearls don’t always have that much contact with the skin. But no matter what type of pearl jewelry that you wear, it should be wiped with a cloth that is soft especially after wearing them.


When not properly cared for, pearls can become yellow over-time. This is caused by the build-up of sweat or oils from the skin. But you can whiten yellowed pearls and retain their luster and natural beauty.

How to clean

  1. Combine 1 tbsp. mild hand soap that is liquidwith cup of warm water. Stir well.
  1. Place pearls that are yellowed into the soapy water and use soft cloth to clean gently. Don’t scrub but do rub away all dirt or debris delicately.
  1. Remove from the soapy water and then rinse them in fresh cold water stream from the tap.
  1. Dry with a clean cotton cloth.
  1. Take another cloth and dampen it with acetone polish remover. Wipe gently with this cloth as the nacre will become strengthened.
  1. Lay the pearls somewhere in direct sunlight and allow them to stay for several hours. Repeat treatment with sunlight until you see visible color changes.
  1. Wrap in a linen or soft cotton cloth after every treatment.

If they are really damaged you need to take the pearls to a jeweler as they also can clean and renew your pearls.

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