Alternatives to the Standard Wallet

Ever since it became necessary to carry money with you there has been a need to carry this money in something.  Historically men have used what is referred to as a wallet, whilst women have used purses.  Both products serve the same function.

However, an issue which becomes connected with the use of a wallet is the amount of rubbish you will quickly accumulate.  Every time you pay for something you will have a receipt and possibly another piece of paper.  These are generally shoved into your wallet alongside a countless number of loyalty cards and other memorabilia which you may not really need.

The result is a wallet, or purse, which is bursting at the seams but actually has no money in it!  Fortunately, there are several alternatives:


The Naked Wallet

One firm which has come up with an enterprising alternative is Naked Wallet.  Instead of a conventional wallet they will sell you the cool wallet.  In essence this is little more than a slip of leather which opens and snaps closed; without ever coming apart.

This band simply slides over your notes and even your bank cards.  It is designed not to slip and will not release the funds unless you remove them.  It can be carried in any pocket and easily accessed but you will not be able to add all the usual paraphernalia which is associated with a wallet. This is a cool wallet simply because it is a radical new approach.

The Pocket

A less practical option to avoid the paperwork that comes with a wallet is to simply use your pocket, if you have one.  However, this can be a good way to lose funds and even break you cards.  The naked wallet may not look like much but it still protects your cards and wallets from being damaged.

The Waist Pocket

Instead of carrying a wallet you can carry your funds in a specially designed belt with a pocket.  These are not as bulky as the old fashioned bum bags but do operate on the same principle.  A simply zip pocket will allow you to store any item; including your funds with relatively easy access.  Unfortunately the ease of access will depend upon the clothing you are wearing.   This solution can still be a magnate for unneeded pieces of paper which can then make it difficult to locate the funds you need when paying for something.

Don’t carry money

A final alternative is not to carry money at all.  Either allow your partner to carry all the funds and just ask or tell them when you want something.  Or, you can carry a debit or credit card with you and pay for everything on this.  However, despite the massive improvements in digital technology, there are still some places which will not accept cards and you may wish you had some cash with you.

Although contactless cards are now common and there is even talk of retina or fingerprint payment methods, it is not likely that hard currency will fade out of existence just yet.  This means you need to locate a cool wallet to hold your funds for the foreseeable future.

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