7 Bags Every Woman Should Own

As far as accessories go, bags are up there as one of the most popular. They come in many shapes, sizes and styles and are created to hold a number of different items. There is a range of colours available and while black is seen as a versatile colour there are many other colours available that are perfect for different looks, trends and seasons.

A handbag allows women to remain organised. They come with dividers and pockets as well as compartments. Making it easy to store most of a woman’s daily essentials but also find them quickly! They also come in a number of different materials such as silk, leather and canvas. They come in different looks and may have sequins or beading and many come with an embroidered look. A handbag isn’t just about what it offers in terms of storage or colours because the way you carry it says a lot. Some handbags come with one strap or two and it enables the owners to carry it by hand or on the arm or shoulder.


Handbags come in a wide range of prices and this is dependent on the manufacturer. There is a bag suitable for all occasions which is exactly why many women own more than one.

However, handbags do require care as this will increase their lifespan and also helping to retain their features and look.

The different types of handbags

The type of handbag a woman should own is very much dependent on what they want from it. You may choose a certain style of bag depending on an event, night out, weekend away or maybe you’ve seen it online, in a magazine or being worn by a celebrity or stylist. Here is a list of 7 different types of bags every woman should own.


Clutch bags are small and are great for nights out as they’re small enough to hold only the essential items. You can choose to wear a clutch in the hand or on the shoulder if your clutch comes with a detachable strap. Clutches come in a huge range of styles and shapes, narrowing down certain styles you like the most will make your decision easier, also if it’s an accessory for a night out, having a clutch to contrast in colour or match your outfit are always on trend.


If you’re searching for an everyday bag that is big enough to hold everything you’ll need for that day, a hobo bag is a good choice, as they are oversized this gives you plenty of freedom to carry anything you need without compromising the shape of the bag. They are perfect for those who are always after more space from their bag. They’re usually a crescent shape and often have a single strap that medium to long in length.


These bags are very similar to a hobo in size however they’re squarer than Hobo bags. Totes can differ in styles as some may offer one main handle while some have two, giving you options of how you want to carry your bag. Commonly they are square in shape and for those who like to head to the beach, canvas totes are a popular holiday bag solution because they have enough space to carry beach essential items. For those who work in an office environment, leather totes are perfect as an everyday bag.


Satchels have stood the test of time. These have a long single strap that is worn on the shoulder or across the chest. These are often made from hard-wearing material such as canvas or leather making them ideal for carrying larger items. Satchels are hugely popular as they’re design is modern but can be styled with popular patterns to enable the buyer to express themselves through the style of the bag. As a college/school bag or even a day bag whilst shopping as Satchels can be small and large, they’re practical for most everyday uses.

Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags can be found in many different shapes and sizes, which is why they’re a popular choice for its ease of use. They can also be found in a number of different fabrics giving you plenty of options to style with outfits. They often have single straps but are commonly seen with double straps and they tend to be adjustable giving you extra comfort. Bags created by well-known manufacturers will often have the logo located on the front of the bag.

Messenger Bag

It is common for messenger bags to be worn across the chest and this allows the weight to be distributed evenly. Its name comes from the fact that they were often used by bicycle couriers. They are hard-wearing and can be worn securely on the back. They’re now fitting in with a number of trends as these types of bags become useful for everyday use. Due to its durable nature, it can be seen with a solid strap and a large flap and this makes accessing the contents extremely easy. Often they are made of canvas but they can be found in leather and suede.

Bowling bag

These have a retro feel to them and are based on the bags used to carry bowling balls. They have short handles and pockets as well as dividers inside. They are long in the body and rounded on top. These may not be hugely attractive for everyday use, but the structured design is formal and is a great choice for a formal night or event.

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