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5 Trending Hair Cuts in Montreal

Montreal is more than just a bustling city of culture and industry. Indeed, this is a metropolis of trends nestled along the St. Lawrence river just North of the American border.  But along with fashion, hair style trends in Montreal compare with those of any other major city in the world too.

Men’s hair styles, these days, combine classic looks with modern ease; keeping it simple and seemingly effortless.  Here are some of the most popular trending Deauville au Masculin hairstyles right now:

The Angular Fringe

Emerging on major runways in 2014, angular fringe may be the most popular hair style of recent years. Stylists achieve this look by tapering the sides but keeping the top layer long. Of course, the top layer is also cut to an angle.  The look is popular because it’s somewhat irregularity looks great with just about any face, though it is best suited for a round face shape.

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The Caesar

Perhaps the most popular buzz cut of the day, The Caesar is also a classic look that may never go out of style.  The very short length makes this look easy to maintain but with just enough length to style with a simple spike.  Of course, that means you use very little product—if any at all—to style this look, which saves money and time.

The Brushed Up

Slightly longer than most short styles, this trend is shorter on the sides and back with a classic length up top that allows for great variety in style.  It requires just a quick gel or pomade comb-through and its ready to go; and its so versatile it can suit just about any occasion (from casual to formal to active).

The Side Part Pompadour

The Pompadour, of course, is a timeless classic and this side-part version is helping the trend, overall, make a comeback.  Another simple styling option—just use a little pomade—and this trendy, modern haircut can work at any length.

The Simple Casual

Finally, if you want a simple and casual look—that is also modern and trendy—then the simple casual, literally, is the style you are looking for.  Somewhat like a slicked back look, this style also uses a little hair gel or cream with just a quick brush through.  This effortless look requires short cropping on the sides with longer hair on top.

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