Flower Prints on the Bridal Gown

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Basic Variations For several seasons in a row, podiums of the main European fashion capitals present original and bright floral print attires. Currently this trend is especially manifested in the wedding industry. Flower print is almost everywhere: in wedding dresses, shoes and different accessories (bugs, jewelry etc.). Floral print makes the bride’s image even more gentle, romantic and sensitive.

For meeting requirements of even the most demanding ladies, the designers have managed to manufacture a wide range of attires with floral print. A bridal gown in floral print looks intriguing, elegant and very gentle. Such attire is especially suitable for wedding celebration in some particular style. For instance, you can wear such dress on wedding party that is held in forest, in the park zone or somewhere in the country. Exquisite “flower” dress is an excellent choice the bride, which knows all novelties in the fashion industry! If you want to find a dress, which will surprise and amaze all guests, you definitely have to choose floral wedding dress. White Printed Bridal Gown

Tentative model to the bridal gown in classic style is a white bridal gown with an exquisite white print. This attire combines the newest trends of fashion sphere as well as adherence to the oldest traditions! Bridal Gown with a Colored Print White bridal gown with bright color print is a daring variant. Brides are offered a wide spectrum of palette, which includes both very bright and soft designs. A strong classical snow-white color accompanied by red, blue and details of other colors will accentuate the real bride’s nature. Bridal Gown Made of Mixed Fabrics Wedding attire, which combines several kinds of materials is a very interesting choice. Monophonic fabric is perfectly suit motley patterned cloth. In most cases, such dresses are lush and multilayered, but airy at the same time. Bridal Gowns Totally

Printed with Flowers

Extravagant or just bright ladies should choose a bridal gown, whose print is totally floral. Such dresses’ styles have many variants: you can find classic ball dress, an empire dress, a dress in vintage or Barbie styles and so on. Accentuation a fashionable flower based print as well as applique can adorn the whole outfit in whole or its separate part. For instance, your décolleté area can be printed. It is considered piquant and seductive detail. Applique of flowers located on the dress’s skirt is more sensitive and romantic variant. Printed floor-length train will look very elegant. Besides, floral print will accentuate the bride’s waist zone.

Welcome to the Closet of a Businesswoman

We all have our personal sense of style, and our everyday fashion tastes differ a lot. However, when it comes to business attire, there are certain rules we all must follow. The world of workwear requires a certain dress code that everyone must respect in order to appear as a true professional. Therefore, if you’re about to enter the corporate world, be sure to fill your wardrobe with the following statement pieces.


A well-fitted blazer goes a long way. Whether you plan to wear it over a business dress or match it with a pair of corporate pants or a pencil skirt, you need one in your wardrobe. Black is the safest colour choice for the beginning. However, as your career advances, you’ll want to add at least two more colours. A navy blue and a neutral colour such as beige or blush are perfect for creating amazing business outfits.

Welcome to the Closet of a Businesswoman 1


A good pair of heels is an invaluable part of the corporate wardrobe, so think about investing in a quality pair of pumps. Whether you go for leather, suede or patent, just make sure you stick to black or beige. In case your job requires more walking than sitting, opt for heels that offer both comfort and good support but also serve as nice touch of chic in your business ensemble.

Midi skirt

Black, white, and navy blue are the safest choices when it comes to skirts. However, if you work in fashion or some other industry that allows you to be bolder with your choices, feel free to experiment with prints and patterns. Either way, try to own at least several fashionable midi skirts that you can match with blouses, shirts or even basic t-shirts for a trendy work outfit.

Welcome to the Closet of a Businesswoman 2

A white shirt

When you say business attire, you have to picture a white shirt immediately. Whether you choose to match it with pants or a skirt, a white shirt says serious, professional, and responsible. What’s more, you can wear it with or without a blazer ‒ add various jewellery to adorn it, and experiment with the way you wear it. Tucked in, or nicely pulled out ‒ you’ll look amazing either way.

A well-cut dress

Sometimes, you won’t have the time to think about which piece of clothing goes well with another, and that’s when a well-cut dress can be a lifesaver. Without much thinking, you’ll have a perfect outfit ‒ as long as you add a pair of stylish heels or fashionable flats to it. What’s more, if you’re between jobs and want to impress the new potential employer, a business dress will definitely help you leave a great first impression.

Welcome to the Closet of a Businesswoman 3

Cigarette pants

No matter how elegant and feminine a dress or skirt appears, a businesswoman will probably spend most of her working hours wearing comfortable pants. Look for the brands that focus specifically on corporate wear and invest in pants that look flattering. With a silk blouse and a blazer on top, you’ll have a trendy and professional outfit ready in a matter of minutes.


A quality designer bag that is big enough to fit all the stuff you need for work is an essential part of business attire. You need an organised space to keep all your necessities, and there’s nothing more perfect for that than a work bag that is both roomy and fashionable enough to make you look amazing. Additionally, a nice luxury watch really brings the entire outfit to a completely new level by giving it a dose of poise and extravagance, so feel free to invest in a quality timepiece.

Final thoughts

With appropriate business attire, you will look like a true professional, so it’s essential that you own all the clothing items that will represent you as such. Invest in blazers, pumps, shirts, skirts, dresses and accessories that will help you advance in your career.