Buying new denim? Keep a check on these pointers

A denim is definitely your best friend in the wardrobe be it any season of the year. If you practically live on denim almost 5 days a week you probably know how important it is for the denim to be comfortable, reliable and stylish at the same time.  As easy it is to put up the denim look it gets harder to put one into the wardrobe especially with the undying extension of denim collection floating the market. Buying new denim is as much a pain as throwing away an old one. But if you are on with buying a new pair of denim for yourself, we have things sorted for you now! Here are a few things you should consider when buying new denim!

  1. Know your right size

Different brands hoard of different fits and sizes. Where one size of a brand can be perfect for you the same size of the other brand can be too loose or tight for you to wear them. To not get swayed by their difference and land up with the right size you should measure your size by yourself. Just pick up the measuring tape and measure your waist around the place you wear your denim. Look at the size chart of any brand and match the size! There you go!


  1. Get hands on the right fabric

Denim is basically a blend of cotton as the base fabric. With the advanced styling and look that has come up the technology is used to blend in different fabrics together and bring up the fits. These fabric compositions range from polyester, cashmere, elastic, cotton and much more! Each addition of fabric makes the denim a little more like it. So make sure of the fit you desire and the composition of the fabric you choose to find your right fit!

  1. Thick or thin denim

Denim weighs differently according to their thickness. Thick denim is more likely to weight more and become hard to wear after a time. But these are the ones which give maximum durability and stretch. While the thin denim gives you more accurate fit, are easier to carry and do not stretch much. Make sure that you choose the right thickness according to your choice.

  1. Raw denim or washed denim

Raw denim is one which may not fit right when you buy it but slowly it will take up your body stretch and shape to build up the right fit for you whereas the washed denim fits perfectly at the time of buying and won’t change much after several washes too.  The choice is yours to put your hands on!

  1. Watch on the trend

No matter how casual denim looks, there are always trends of designs ruling them. When buying a new pair of denim, you don’t want to wear them for just 6 months. And so, invest in the denim which looks trendy for years while fitting you perfectly. Blindly following trends without giving attention to the fit might just make the denim another piece of ignored cloth in your wardrobe. Be on trend but choose fitness over it!

  1. Take the haunch test

Denim fits right when you are comfortable in sitting after wearing it. Of course, you only get time to check on it after you buy it but it is the trial room where you can take a quick test to know if the denim shall serve your purpose and it is the ‘Haunch Test’. Wear the denim in your trial room and try to sit on your haunches for 5 seconds and then get up to check the fit. If sitting on it makes you comfortable and the fit still looks right after you stand up – you’ve landed with a perfect piece!

  1. Own a classic!

No matter what fit, size, or color you buy, make sure you own a classic denim that works well with everything. A simple blue straight fit denim is a must for you. This pair shall go with anything and everything keeping you comfortable at all times. And hence never give a miss on your classic pair. Or if you have worn out the classic one, find another classic!

  1. Check the best price:

Retailers charge a margin on cloth lines as high as 90%. So check different options for best price and don’t pay hefty prices to retailers. You can shop on ecommerce sites where they sell at discounted price, or check this site for extra-ordinary coupon codes. Check for end of season sale or wait for Black Friday. You can also search for factory outlets for wholesale prices.

When you set yourself on for buying a new pair of denim makes sure you go for the trusted brands who promise long lasting denim and comfort. The right pair is one which makes you feel comfortable and can be worn for hours!