Things men should avoid to look fashionable


You can look better and more fashionable if you avoid few things. Yes, it is right. If you go through the below list, you would realize how these small things can turn things around for you. Also, the important thing is that you can look better without spending even an extra single penny!  So go on and read below points to gain insights on men fashion.

Avoid too many buttons on the shirt: sometime we wear shirts with so many buttons which goes till our neck. This will make you look little old school type, so try to unbutton first button after the collar button. It will give you a cool look. And, if you want to look very formal then wear a tie with all these buttons.

Avoid puddling pants: We all have some pants in our wardrobe which are little more in length than we really need. These puddling pants must be avoided if you want to look stylish. And, when you buy your next pant make sure go to for appropriate length without compromising even an inch.

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Avoid very tight cloths: We should wear the cloth which fits our body perfectly but it does not mean that we should wear very tight clothes which just sticks to our body. This is neither good for your body nor for your personality.

Avoid too many accessories: So remember you are men hence avoid wearing too many accessories like those earrings and bracelets etc. Give yourself more classy and stylish look by avoiding these accessories.

Avoid ultra-deepV-neck: Showing too much cleavage is not going to increase your style quotient for sure. It does not look good especially if you don’t have the body to flaunt.

Avoid uncomfortable underwear: If you want to look stylish then you must feel it too, and you will not feel it if you are uncomfortable from inside. Hence it is very important to wear something which gives you comfort.