Sexiest Women Across The World

While talking about the sexiest women across the world, numbers of names came into the mind. Such prettiness and boldness not only blows your mind but also make you saying wow. Let’s explore such women around the world-


Mila Kunis:

This 1983 born actress appeared in various TV serials and commercials. Her performance in “Black Swan” in 2010 was worthy to remember.

Alessandra Ambrosio:

This Brazilian model is considered as one of the sexiest women in the World. This 1981 born actress began modeling for Dilson Steir at the age of 15.

Cara Delevingne:

Being an English fashion model, she started her journey in 2010 and now became the face of Burberry Beauty campaign recently. Even, she has been newly chosen as a brand ambassador for Swiss watch brand.

Zooey Deschanel:

With her first film debut in 1999, this American –based actress has featured Mumford in the movie named Almost Famous. Being recognized for her roles she is noticeable to her fans for her good physique.

Jessica Alba:

Alongside a successful business woman, she is an American model and actress. She started her career in acting at the age of 13.  Her lead role in TV-show Dark Angle, that made her famous in 2000.

Scarlett Johansson:

This American-based actress started her career in acting since she was young. Movies like “Avengers”, “Iron Man2” etc. brought fame for her.

Candice Swanepoel:

This South African-based lady with blue eyes became popular for her role in Victoria’s Secret.  She has appeared in numbers of magazines like Vogue, i-D, Elle etc. Even she walked through the ramp – way for many designers.

Katheryn Elezabeth Hudson:   

Mostly known for her stage name Katy Perry, this California-based actress joined music industry in 2000 and won the hearts of many.

Jennifer Lawrence:

Being born in Ken Tucky, US, this 24-year-old American-based actress achieved international recognition through her role in “Hunger Games” and “The Bill Engvall Show”.

Men’s Assassin Creed Style Hoodie Jacket – 3 Stylish Ways to Wear

Many gamers have dreamt of looking like the main character from Assassin’s Creed. There is something uniquely cool and intriguing about the hooded hero. This has led many people to look for Assassin’s Creed clothing online. Check out this hooded jacket with the sunglasses for men ; it looks just like something a modern day assassin would wear!

Assassin’s Creed was launched in 2007 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. It quickly became one of the hottest gaming franchises on the planet and has spawned a new title nearly every year. Starting back in the 11 Century, you play a man called Altair.


Altair is part of the ancient Assassins Order, direct enemies of the Templars. The first game has you running all over the Holy Land, which is filled with warring crusaders and local Persian soldiers! Newer versions of the game include Renaissance Italy, the American War of Independence and Victorian London.

The game’s premise isn’t as simple as you may first think. It’s not just a game about jumping off buildings and fighting sword brandishing enemies. The main character of the first games was a man called Desmond Miles. Desmond is the descendant of all the characters you play during the game.

The underlying storyline follows that of Desmond and his team trying to work out the mystery before the world is supposed to end in 2012. He does this by using a machine called the Animus. The Animus allows users to experience previous lives of their ancestors. Desmond learns that there was once a civilization of humans that pre date anything we know in the modern world. This precursor society was massively advanced in technology and society. They were wiped out by the same catastrophe that threatens the modern era. Desmond and his team must find out the mystery and prevent the same thing from happening again.

Today we are giving you three great ways to wear your new Assassin Creed Style Hoodie.

  1. Cosplay

Cosplay has a huge online following. The basic idea is to dress up like your favorite video game or pop culture figure. With the stylish Assassin Creed Style Hoodie, you could create an outfit which resembles a modern day assassin! Once you have the hoodie, you are halfway there. All you need to complete the look would be some jeans, trainers and the iconic wrist blade.

2. In The Rain

Use the Assassin Creed Style Hoodie hood for its secondary purpose – stopping the rain. Not only will the hoodie protect your head from the dreaded downfall, but you will also look like the coolest guy on the street. With the hood up and your face mostly concealed, you will trick people into thinking you truly are a modern day assassin.

3. Parkour

One of the core elements of the Assassins Creed games is freedom of movement with parkour. For those of you who are quick and stable on their feet, the next time you head out free running, wear your Assassins Creed Hoodie!

Get best repair of your watch to make it look new and appealing

One of the most expensive watches in the world, a Rolex is like an asset tied on the wrist of a person. A Rolex watch not only gives the person wearing it an extraordinary appeal but also sets him apart from the rest of the crowd. The watch is designed using best of techniques and has a body that is sleek, perfect and devoid of a single flaw.


The Rolex is the most popular watch in the world and the company over the years have partnered with different sporting events to sponsor their sport through the brand. There are many sports that use the brand of Rolex to garner publicity and one such sporting event Kentucky Derby race, the race is popular in whole America and is one the most popular sporting events in the country. The Rolex Kentucky derby results are available on websites as well as on popular newspapers and the winners are awarded with cash prizes and Rolex gift hampers.

Rolex watch repair and basic things to know

The repairs related to watch are quite expensive and anyone who wants to repair the watch from any defect should make sure that he has the budget. The Rolex watch is most expensive and repairs can add to the cost of the watch, it becomes quite suitable to get proper estimate before opting for repair of your watch and for this you can visit Here, you can get exact knowledge about the product and also become aware about different prices for different types of repairs related to the watch.

The Rolex watch repair is quite handy and when you take services of reliable repair company you can almost make your watch look new and premium. Different repairs like polishing, servicing and strap replacement are quite handy and make the watch look almost new.

Browse Online Stores to Procure Indian Men’s Clothing

Recently, I graduated from college and it was time for me to land a good job. I attended an interview and landed a job as a business executive with an HR consultancy. About a week prior to joining the new company, I started making preparations and clothing was something that I needed to look after first. Indian mens clothing formal wear was something that I was looking for and I started visiting different online stores over the internet.


It did not take me more than two minutes to lay sight over hundreds of different formal wear that were made available for sale. I browsed through different designs and the more I browsed the more I ended up being confused. I was looking for formal shirts in checks, which were considered as an ongoing trend. However, I did not find any striking color combinations or designs that actually managed to poke my interest.

I browsed through multiple online stores yet I had no luck and then finally I landed up with a lifestyle wear store that blew my mind. This company had an amazing collection of different Indian men’s clothing styles and browsing through all of them simply made me eager to find more. I shortlisted some of the finest designs, which had amazing clothing specifications and I added them to the cart. As I was searching for shirts, I accidentally landed on the accessories section which immediately grabbed my attention.

This web store had great accessories that were made available for sale. I was able to see the originality factor that was embedded in these accessories. I really liked different pocket squares and the tie sets that were put up for sale. I added one of those in the cart as well. One of the shirts that I had shortlisted had plain yellow fabric with smooth texture to it which was perfect for summer.

I peeked over the reviews of this shirt and found a 4.5 star rating which influenced me to place the order. I also shortlisted a checks shirt, which was looking funky with small red and white square patterns. The best thing about the shirt that I had shortlisted was that it was compatible with regular formal pants and with trousers that helps the wearer look exceptional.

This online portal also had amazing chart that helped me find the size of the shirt that would fit me perfectly. I have noticed many of my friends who whine about how they order clothes from online portals and later end up with the wrong size and undergo a huge process for replacement or refund. However, this e-store had accurate charts that helped me combat the issue with the size.

I placed an order for two shirts and a Lapel pin for men that had my interest. The price tag quoted over the items that I had selected fell within my budget range, which was quite a good thing. I received an email as I placed the order that redirected me to link were I was able to get information to track my package. The order was delivered and the quality stood up to the standards of the brands.

Top 4 Fashion Trends for Women in summer

Summer has approached and it is the time to bring a makeover in your wardrobe. What about the top fashion trends this summer? You may like the skirts or the cropped shorts that you flaunt in the summer days. Remember that, you have to wear clothes that are made with light materials that can make you comfortable and stylish in the summer months. Fashion is something that changes with time, so it is called the “trend”. Here are the fashion trends tips that women can like to wear in the upcoming summer times.


  1. Try out the backless dresses-

One of the most popular fashion trends that you can try in the summer months is the backless dresses. These are the hottest yet stylish garments that you can definitely try in the summer. Backless can be full or partial, depending upon your taste and choice. Backless tops, dresses and even gowns are available on online stores like You can try one of them to make yourself beautiful and attractive.

  1. Fashionable crop tops-

Love to wear jeans or trousers most of the time? Then why not trying the crop tops available in various cuts and colors. The crop tops ends just above the waist line giving an attractive look when you are wearing. These tops look good on women who are little taller.

  1. Printed shorts-

Love to enjoy the bright sunlight? Here is the best option. The printed shorts are in the fame these days. Even the shorts are available in dark bold colors giving you an attractive look when you are going out. The shorts are stylish and give a hot look. They prominently make your legs stunning and sexy.

  1. Lace dress-

This dress is the best one in the summer months. You can try the lace dresses of light color like peach, lemon yellow or light brown.

These are some of the ideas that you can surely try this summer!

Get a Brazilian bikini wax in a salon to have a better itching free private body parts

Brazilian waxing has become quite popular amongst the males and females of Manhattan to have a very special experience in their private parts. It is been dubbed by many as the best form of bikini waxing as it gives you the most smooth skin texture on your private body parts. There are many spas and salons that can help you with waxing hair removal in Manhattan on different parts of the body including your body parts.


They help you to undergo the bikini wax in the easiest of manners thus minimizing the pain and the itching that some of you have after the waxing. If you are going for the bikini wax for the very first time, make sure that you chose the salon that provides Best Brazilian wax in Manhattan NY. In addition to this, you shall also follow certain precautions which are:

  • Make sure that you do not shave your private parts before going for the wax as it will multiply the pain and you may not be able to undergo the waxing.
  • You can better make use of the removers so that you can have lesser hair as they do not cause any type of any irritation.
  • If you are living with a partner, make sure that you are away from him at least for some good 24 hours prior to and after the waxing.

Other services that you can opt for to look beautiful:

The spas of Manhattan are also very well known for their facials as they can help you with different types of chemical as well as natural best facials in Manhattan to make sure that you look very good. You can also look for the Best nail salon in Manhattan as well in case you are looking to enhance the beauty of your nails.


Hey! Today we will talking about things that you shouldn’t be wearing. So it will be kinda top mistakes that people do while they buy their clothes or while they are wearing their clothes.

The mistake number one is the most annoying. I even don’t understand why people do that! So it is “wearing things that hurt you”. It can be for example uncomfortable pair of heels that you go out in and you feel so much pain, when you physically can’t walk and you complain every single minute how they hurt you but stop! No one wants to hear that your heels hurt you, that you can’t walk and so on. I just hate those situations when somebody complains about the outfit that is uncomfortable, about shoes that hurt. There is one most common excuse like “But you are tall, you can wear flats, but I MUST wear heels”. Sorry, why should you do that? Is there heel police in the street or what? I mean if you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, just don’t wear it or not complain ok?


Fashion mistake number two: buying trends you don’t actually love. When you see one piece of clothing on Instagram million times you start to think that you like it and that you absolutely must have it. If you have seen the same item a lot of times, if it is very popular and every girl says that it is the best thing that she has ever had, but you don’t actually like it, you shouldn’t run to a mall and buy it, stop doing that! You will just buy this thing and it will be abandoned in your closet for the rest of your life, I swear because I know that.

Three: impulse purchases. Yeah, all of us have done it once or twice or a million times. I’m so guilty of doing this and now I’m looking at my closet and see all these impulse purchases and all I see now is actually the money that I’ve spent in vain. Go home, think about it, think about how often you will wear it, can you add it to your different outfits? If the answer is “no”, you probably shouldn’t buy it.

Number four. Oh my gosh, this is the most prevalent mistake. And this is very strange, I mean, why people do that? Why they buy things that are too small? There are a lot of people who say “I’m a size XXS!” and you actually see how these clothes look painful on them like “Are you? I don’t think so”. I’m not judging a size XXS, because I wear this size but there are a lot of clothes in my wardrobe that are size S and even M, because they fit me. Remember that nobody cared what letter is written inside your sweatshirt.

Five: buying clothes just because they are on sale. You can’t like the item just because you like the price! I know that feeling when you see something like “fashion dresses for sale”, you think that you just must buy a couple, but think twice!

Six: buying outfits you only wear once. Is the piece of clothing is really noticeable and you will wear it only once, you should really valuate if it merits your money spent.

There are much more mistakes that really exist, but there are the most common, I’m sure that you do some of them, because every girl do this. So think twice, be nice! Xoxo

Collect Tank Tops for Women Online to Look Stunningly Hot

When it comes to comfort and style, there should not be any age limit. Keeping this fact in mind, modern designers for women’s apparels present their craftsmanship. They strive hard to please every customer regardless to their age. This makes shoppers heading towards Tank tops for women online. Tank top is such a piece of clothing item that suits women of all ages. It will allow you to get a stunning look without putting much effort on your dressing. To get a more attractive look, you can utilize it under your favourite fashion tops. Hence, you are getting the opportunity to flaunt your beauty while being covered.


Different types of tank tops found online:

A few years back, women could find a handful of styles for their tank tops. They used to shop almost same patterns in every spring. But now, this item has become all the rage. You cannot help but to admire the amazing styles of tanks. If local shops are not able to meet your needs, check out endless online assortments. They are designed to win your heart as they will enhance your appearance. Some popular types of tank tops designed especially for fashion conscious women are:

  • Floral tank top
  • Printed tank top
  • Vest style tank top
  • Multicoloured tank top
  • Organic tank top
  • Solid tank top
  • Embroidered tank top
  • Sleeveless tank top
  • Knitted tank top
  • Trim textured tank top
  • Variegated stripe tank top
  • Checked crop tank top

Important style tips for tank tops:

Undoubtedly, tank tops will reboot your style in a cost effective manner. They can be worn to create a stylish and trendy look. Adding a few tanks to your wardrobe will keep you ready for any casual event. You can easily get the best Tank tops for women online. The following guidelines will help you to go crazy with your tank tops in this summer.

  • Team your tank top with slim jeans for a casual look when going out for shopping.
  • Get a dazzling look for your casual outing by adding a sport watch to your tank top.
  • Wear light coloured tank tops in contrast with the solid coloured cargo plants.
  • Accentuate your look with a pair of ballerinas or stylish sandals.

So, the ladies who are wondering for the upcoming trends in the fashion world can confidently opt for tank tops and get ready to be admired.

Information about top 10 best selling watch brands in the world

People tend to buy expensive watches because they have proven to be the best in the market and they can last longer. High end quality watches are in greater demand because they are made with most accurate craftsmanship. Here are given information about top 10 best selling watch brands in the world.

  1. Hublot Black Caviar Bang

The watch was introduced in 2009 and this wrist watch is covered of 501 baguette cut clack diamonds and with 18 carat white gold.


  1. Louis Moinet Magistralis

They are majestic unique pieces, making men look remarkably stylish. The genuine piece of the meteorite was found on the moon.

  1. Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication

The brand offers pretty cool watch to wear with a case made of platinum. The strap of the watch is made of crocodile skin.

  1. Brequet pocket watch

The stylish pocket watch is made of 18 karat gold and the hand graved model features a silver face.

  1. Chopard Super Ice Cube

The luxurious Swiss made watch is made of 60 Karats of diamonds. The bracelet is water as well as scratch resistant.

  1. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

It is a complex wrist watch made with date and moon phases. The product remains a piece of modern art.

  1. Vacheron Constatin Tour De I’lle

It is one of the top 10 best selling watch brands in the world manufactured by the Swiss company. They are made of 18 Karat gold with blue Sapphire non reflective glass.

  1. Chopar210 Karat

It is an expensive watch with 201 karats of colored diamond. It looks more like a bracelet.

  1. TAG Heuer

The formula 1 professional watch is scratch resistant and water resistant.

  1. Omega

The Omega James Bond Blue Dial watch is designed for ski diving. The watch is resistant to water of 1,000 feet.

5 Trending Hair Cuts in Montreal

Montreal is more than just a bustling city of culture and industry. Indeed, this is a metropolis of trends nestled along the St. Lawrence river just North of the American border.  But along with fashion, hair style trends in Montreal compare with those of any other major city in the world too.

Men’s hair styles, these days, combine classic looks with modern ease; keeping it simple and seemingly effortless.  Here are some of the most popular trending Deauville au Masculin hairstyles right now:

The Angular Fringe

Emerging on major runways in 2014, angular fringe may be the most popular hair style of recent years. Stylists achieve this look by tapering the sides but keeping the top layer long. Of course, the top layer is also cut to an angle.  The look is popular because it’s somewhat irregularity looks great with just about any face, though it is best suited for a round face shape.

hair style 1

The Caesar

Perhaps the most popular buzz cut of the day, The Caesar is also a classic look that may never go out of style.  The very short length makes this look easy to maintain but with just enough length to style with a simple spike.  Of course, that means you use very little product—if any at all—to style this look, which saves money and time.

The Brushed Up

Slightly longer than most short styles, this trend is shorter on the sides and back with a classic length up top that allows for great variety in style.  It requires just a quick gel or pomade comb-through and its ready to go; and its so versatile it can suit just about any occasion (from casual to formal to active).

The Side Part Pompadour

The Pompadour, of course, is a timeless classic and this side-part version is helping the trend, overall, make a comeback.  Another simple styling option—just use a little pomade—and this trendy, modern haircut can work at any length.

The Simple Casual

Finally, if you want a simple and casual look—that is also modern and trendy—then the simple casual, literally, is the style you are looking for.  Somewhat like a slicked back look, this style also uses a little hair gel or cream with just a quick brush through.  This effortless look requires short cropping on the sides with longer hair on top.